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Bradley-Gore 2000 What a ticket! And why not? They sure do seem to think alike...

The Truth about George W. Bush

The Frog Farmer He really does have a frog farm. Takes care of rattlesnakes, hawks and other critters, too. And he's a freedom lover.

The World Humor Council Wayne D. Holt's visual sendup of just about everything political. Humorists of the World, Unite!

Archie McPhee Weirdly humorous items for sale.

Michael M. Bates A proud member of the Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy, serving your reactionary needs since 1995.

Annoy.Com Juvenile fun--but with a point. The kind of site Bill Clinton wants to protect your children against. (Caution: Rough words and very graphic graphics.)

The Darwin Awards Fine and funny examples of death by stupidity.

The Onion Wickedly funny and satiric news stories.

Cre9ive's Home Page Expand your mind! An indescribably unique page.

Wolf Tracks

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Wolf Tracks

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