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Gunsmoke Training Center Hooray, at last! Since the Lodge opened, I've listed "Triggers Training" on this page -- despite the fact that they didn't have a Web site. I was proud of them because they're one of the few firearms traing outfits that doesn't start out assuming you're a criminal. On principle, they refuse to require a background check or a letter from your local sheriff. (I swear, some of these other trainers think just like Sarah Brady, assuming everyone who's interested in guns is a suspicious character!) Now they're on the Web. They have a new name, but they still work with Col. Jeff Cooper (another huuuuge plus). This link will also lead you to their gunshop and custom gunsmithing service.

Culver's Shooting Page and The Musings of a Windmill Jouster Both from Dick Culver, formerly of the Civilian Marksmanship Program & current host of CSP Gun Talk.

The Firearms Owners Unification Project Unite!

Second Thoughts Liberals for gun rights!

Grassroots South Carolina A well-organized, informative gun-rights site, particularly for people still working within the system. Good articles, frequent updates and info on gun laws and gun groups in various states.

Oleg Volk's RKBA site When you arrive, you're greeted with two choices: Guns are "a liability" and guns are "a useful tool." Whichever path you choose, you'll find thought-provoking, useful and well-illustrated material on gun rights. If you're an anti-gunner, or simply haven't thought about gun rights, take Oleg's quiz (behind the "liability" link) and think hard about your answers.

Geoff's Firearms and Freedoms Page Everything about guns. Quotes, ballistics, women & guns, minorities & guns, magazines, shooting schools, anti-gunners -- it's all either here or linked from here. Also general political and preparedness info, delivered with wit and style. A truly outstanding site.

Racegun's Home Page Tactical shooting, self-defense and gun-rights from a woman's perspective.

Firearm self-defense links for women. And Frugal Squirrel's Women and Guns page.

Handgun Info for Women and Southpaws Janis Maria Carmella Costanzi Cortese is pro-gun, pro-choice and pro-gay. She's also a left-handed wiccan cat lover. Don't like it? Then I hope you'll cheerfully lump it in the glorious understanding that gun owners aren't all alike. True diversity!

GunTruths.Com The Lawyers Second Amendment Society brings you a well-designed and provocative gun-rights site. Lots of useful statistics, projects and information -- but also some very in your face stuff directed at anti-gunners.

Alan Korwin's Bloomfield Press Alan is an all-round interesting guy who writes and publishes books about state and national gun laws. Check out his updates page for the latest -- and very accurate -- information about how the federales managed to turn the NRA's "instant check system" into national gun registration for rifles and shotguns, as well as handguns. (Gee, thanks, Wayne and Tanya! We're eternally grateful.)

Laissez Firearm Mark Penman gives the world a pro-gun site with a capital-A Attitude. Mark also ruminates about subjects from anarchy to breast implants.

Gun Owners of America One of two national no-compromise gun-rights groups.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership Gun-rights as civil rights. Don't miss their great "Gran'pa Jack" pamphlets for kids!

Jeff Chan's Archive If you're doing research on guns, gun law, gun-rights groups, technical issues, etc. there's no better place to start than Jeff's archive.

John Farnum Here's a very well-reputed self-defense shooting trainer. He's based in Ft. Collins, Colorado, but takes his courses on the road, too.

Gunsite The noted firearms training school in Paulden, Arizona. They seem to have a snotty attitude toward "civilians" (which, according to their literature means anyone who doesn't work for the government -- How do you like them apples!). If you're a mere "civilian" you'll have to prove your good character before you'll be allowed to take their courses. Cops, soldiers and employees of government agencies apparently don't have to have good character. Still, Gunsite has a fine reputation and interesting programs.

Thunder Ranch Author Boston T. Party recommends Thunder Ranch in Mountain Home, Texas as the best firearms training school in the U.S. As with Gunsite, they require either government employment or a statement of character from a local law enforcer, but they aren't quite as snotty about it as Gunsite.

Other firearms training schools Ray Terry has compiled and maintains a list of dozens of noted firearms training schools, some of which will bring their training to you. Alas, he gives only snail, fax and phone contacts -- no Web sites, e-mails or descriptions. But still, it's a pretty good place to start.

Why isn't the NRA here?
Because it's got more in common with Sarah Brady than with Patrick Henry or the men of Lexington and Concord. The NRA talks tough while selling out our rights. It actively sabotages real efforts toward freedom.
[Four-letter-word] the NRA!

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