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Reciprocia Richard Rieben's philosophy site for "Homo Sapiens (and friends)." Articles, quotes and provocative things to think about.

Pro Libertate A Swiss division of the International Society for Individual Liberty. Practice your French or German on their essays. Or just enjoy their wonderful and very Swiss take on Lady Liberty. (Some essays are in English, too.)

Potter's Playground Freedom fiction, fiery opinion and more from Lowell Potter, whose work also appears in the Literature section of Wolfe's Lodge.

The Truth It's difficult to know how to categorize this site. It involves psychology, sociology, Thoreau, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Larry Flynt...well, see for yourself.

Right on the Mark Mark McCoy has created an uncategorizable (but definitely in-your-face) site for politics & political humor.

Libertarian Central Activist libertarians (or curious newcomers to libertarianism) will get a lot out of Hunter Schaeffer's Libertarian Central. Read up on issues, vote in polls, get involved with the party.

Charles Curley's Political Page Gun-rights activist (and my pardner) Charles Curley now has his own page of essays, quotes and other freedom-oriented material.

The Fountain of Truth Doug Newman presents this Christian libertarian site which also happens to be a goldmine of links for freedom lovers of any creed.

SpinTech Magazine Michael R. Allen's e-zine is gently libertarian, but encourages exploration of many alternate viewpoints.

John Sebastian's Abode John Sebastian is a geologist, poet and freedom lover who's created one of my favorite individual sites. You'll laugh, you'll weep, you'll learn about the Bill of Rights Bomb.

Real Mensch Pretty cool online magazine.

Randy's Freehold Randy Hall's a libertarian. I'm a libertarian. Other than that, we haven't got much in common! -- except, perhaps, that we both believe effective action is as important as philosophy, and that we cherish free minds. If you're uneasy with the radicalism of Wolfe's Lodge, check in with Randy. You may find his limited-government views more palatable than my to-hell-with-the-government opinions. On the other hand, here are some folks who are entirely reject the state in favor of "...'economic government' -- what some in the freedom movement would call anarcho-capitalism." My views are closer to theirs, but they're doing the theoretical work I don't mess with. How would society function without a government? Perhaps something like this...

Young Libertarians No, the future really isn't lost. Derek, a teenage liberty lover, offers even more views from the future. He also offers lots of links. Though I'm no admirer of party politics, even I have to admire Derek's huge collection of links to Libertarian Party organizations at the state and county levels.

Cross-Country Cousins The most warm & friendly act of subversion on the 'net. Local Libertarian (and libertarian) groups chosing "Cousin Counties" and getting together informally without benefit of the Libertarian Party of the US.

Liberty Journal "Commentary, News, Chats, Forums, Library and Links for political junkies." A very comprehensive and well-designed site. Libertarian networking at its best.

Free Market Net Links to more than 700 other web sites, 83 speakers and 100 books and articles on liberty.

Vera's Lies and Deceptions of the Gender Feminists Page I don't know whether this site is specifically libertarian, but it's a refreshing change from the spewings that currently pass for feminism. Vera says YES to equality. NO to man-bashing, victimization and conveniently cooked statistics. Individualist-feminist Wendy McElroy gets prominent mention. And if you want to know more about Wendy's work...

The Writings of Wendy McElroy She's an important writer and a great lady.

L. Neil Smith's Webley Page Highly immoderate and unabashed opinions from El Neil.

Liberty Round Table A beautiful and ever-growing site for non-political libertarian projects and more.

New Libertarian Samuel Edward Konkin III's on-line libertarian 'zine.

The Libertarian Enterprise If you're looking for moderate and reasonable libertarian views, expressed in a genteel and refined manner -- don't look here!

The Center for Liberty on the Net Free nation projects, links to lots of libertarians; just a generally useful site.

Victor Milán's Firebringer Home Page Intriguing thoughts from another hardcore libertarian SF writer.

The Voluntaryist Writings on the theory and practice of non-political libertarianism.

Liberty Activists An excellent site for those still working within the system; focused on individual activism.

The Wyoming Libertarian Party This is one of the two best state Libertarian Parties in the U.S. Out-of-state members are welcome

The Web Page of Sean Gabb A British perspective on freedom from a respected scholar of liberty.

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