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Javelin Press Javelin publishes the works of one of my most valued compatriots, Boston T. Party. His classics, including You and the Police, Boston on Guns and Courage,Bulletproof Privacy and Hologram of Liberty have recently been joined by an important new book on surviving Y2K.

Loompanics Unlimited, Publishers and Sellers of Unusual Books. "The lunatic fringe of the libertarian movement."

Paladin Press Books on weaponry, fighting techniques, military matters, etc. "The Most Dangerous Press in America."

Laissez Faire Books The more respectable fringe of the libertarian movement

Amazon.Com The world's biggest and most awesome book store.

Pulpless.Com Until the book was finally published on paper in the fall of 1998, was the only place to get Victor Koman's astonishing, Prometheus Award-winning Kings of the High Frontier. You can still get it here in electronic form.

Project Gutenberg Classic books, free for the downloading!

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