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News-Can Opinion Writers Lots of links.

World News Stand A complete online "newspaper" -- covers news, sports, stocks, sex & scandals, entertainment -- you name it. Then has links to other online news and editorial sources.

Jewish World Review News, views and religion from a conservative/libertarian/Jewish perspective.

Blue Eagle Commentary Here are links to hundreds of political, cultural and spiritual commentators. Also to political organizations, alternative media sources and political cartoons-- mostly libertarian/right, but also left, other and indescribable.

WorldNetDaily From Joseph and Elizabeth Farah's Western Journalism Center, comes this online daily newspaper with a conservative (sometimes libertarian-leaning) viewpoint. WND has its own columnists and newswriters, plus links to stories from media around the world.

Laissez Faire City Times An online weekly magazine with a libertarian viewpoint and a global perspective.

The Progressive Review Sam Smith's rather awesome 'zine, The Progressive Review It's "leftist." But it sure ain't Clintonista leftist!

Justalotoftalk A listing of, and links to, freedom-oriented radio talk shows that can be heard over the Internet via RealAudio and other "streaming sound" applications.

Free Republic Free Republic may represent the future of online news. Any registered member can post articles (from the 'net, from the mainstream media, or wherever), and anyone can offer commentary on them. Who needs Cokie Whatsername and Slam Donaldson? FR also offers tons of links to "regular" news sources.

Leon Felkins' Political Almanac I'm not really sure this fits in the category of news. But if you want to see a calendar that lists government abuses throughout history, on the day they were perpetrated, take a look at the masterful job Leon has done. He also provides links to further information on each calendar item.

Mother Jones What am I doing? Turning into a radical leftist, here? Mother Jones is hardly a freedom-movement publication! But Mother Jones, like The Progressive Review comes from the old civil-liberties left. Remember the days when leftists hated things like national ID cards? Well, some still do. Check out the MoJo Wire.

Haight-Ashbury Free Press Among other interesting things on this site, don't miss the excerpt from David Hoffman's book on the Oklahoma City bombing.

Media Bypass A magazine (with both print and electronic editions) that looks like Newsweak or Crime, but sure doesn't sound like 'em.

The syndicated columns of Vin Suprynowicz. Hardcore libertarian viewpoints from the assistant editorial page editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Vindex -- where you find Vin's older columns

The Idaho Observer Alternative news source for the Inland Northwest.

Chris Ruddy's NewsMax The guy who kept the Vince Foster story alive and broke the news about the hole in Ron Brown's head now has his own online netpaper.

Matt Drudge He broke the Monica Lewinsky story after Newsweak spiked a reporter's work. He's a one-man Internet journalism operation that's got the Washington Compost and politicians shaking -- as they should be!

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