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The Avalon Project at Yale Law School Documents in law, history and diplomacy from modern and earlier times.

Pete Celano's Extremist's Home Page Pete says it: "The purpose of this page is to provide some pointers to extremists who want to gather their own information, directly from the sources, rather than accept some non-extremist's interpretation of reality."

The Head Web Site With links to Jeff Head's popular conservative site, Restoration 2000 (to restore a constitutional republic), and the Harpoon 2 war simulation game.

Founding Spirit Jim Hill's site dedicated to resistance, constitutional awareness, third-party movements and more.

Lexrex The name translates to "The law is king." This is a fine educational site that aims to help the U.S. throw off its chains by developing a solid understanding of constitutional principles.

Jeff Davis Media guy Jeff Davis has a grassroots plan to free the country through nationwide communication and local action.

Ed Wolfe's America in Distress

Tax Truth 4 U
The Save-A-Patriot Foundation's income tax info site.

U. S. National Militia Directory

Eric's Home Page
Great Patriot & Constitutionalist info. Also a good place for X-Files fans.

The Constitution Society
Probably the best all-round site for constitutional and historic U.S. freedom info on the net.

The E Pluribus Unum patriot group
Formerly the Ohio Unorganized Militia. This is a good site, filled with useful information, and maintained by Liberty Belle (who has written for Wolfe's Lodge).

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