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The Tongue The Tongue bills itself as the first official site for Curmugeondom on the Web. Dunno about that. Us curmudgeons aren't all that big on officialdom. Nevertheless, The Tongue is in-your-face, well-written and opinionated (and relentlessly commercial).

pissedOff Fierce. Funny. Not always for the squeamish. One of the most entertaining things about this site is the unexpected, often downright bizarre, links they work into articles and opinion pieces. Very creative.

The Rational Life Ruminations on reality by Leon Felkins.

From Deep Inside the Binary Bunker The slightly paranoid rantings and ravings of Lewis Napper.

Brian and Mary's Really Quite Impressive Home Page. Really. Guns, Alaska and general ranting.

Fratricide "An irregular microzine of immoderate opinion by Redmon Barbry." I don't always agree with Redmon's views, but I am unfailingly dazzled by the wit and erudition with which he expresses them.

Civil Liberty: The Mining Company J. D. Tuccille's great site for libertarian commentary and information you can use to make yourself more free.

John "The Gneech" Robey Rants, adventure fiction, miscellaneous slightly illegal activities and confessions of a former knee-jerk liberal.

The Very Intelligent Rantings of Craig Goodrich.

Ask Mr. Lizard Global Village Grouch.

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