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Micronation and Sovereignty Website Index Sovereignty movements, free-nation projects, secessionist organizations, actual small countries and countries that exist only in the mind. What a wonderful place to explore!

Spy & Counterspy There used to be a URL,, which offered fantastic, useful info about surveillance and personal freedom. It disappeared. But a correspondent just sent a URL for this mirror site. Incredible riches.

The Liberty Incident Command System David Neilson had an idea that the techniques used to coordinate emergency response teams (like the volunteer fire department he's assistant chief of) could be used to coordinate defenders of freedom, too.

The Public Servant QuestionnaireWhen government agents come to your door, ask questions.

The How-To Survival Library This is one of the most practical and sensible preparedness resources I've run across. No nonsense. Just realistic plans, in plain language, for water catchment and purification systems, chicken coops, homemade stoves, power generators, food storage and much, much more.

Report on the use of the Public Servant Questionnaire The Frog Farmer (whose main site is listed under Weird and Humorous Links) encourages you to question bureaucrats before they question you.

Ayla and Ventoux's New Freedom Page Wilderness survival-oriented links. Herbs, modern and primitive outdoor equipment and skills. "Living with the land, not plundering the land to live." A simple little search engine for helping you find -- what else? -- bullion coin dealers.

Photoidcards One of the best sources I've seen for photo ID -- U.S., Canadian, European, custom -- even with holograms and other high-tech doodads. Not cheap, but good looking. (For novelty purposes only, of course.)

Just Say No to Martial Law Kevin Van Horn warns of the possibility of martial law in a Y2K crisis.

Libertarian Self Reliance in the Face of Y2K Mary Lou Seymour's new site for people who take self-responsibility seriously and are preparing for the future.

The Gulch Mary Lou and I put this site together for people interested in libertarian communities. The Gulch is a participatory project. Info wanted!

No Sacred Cows "So you want to be free? Then become free! All the freedom is yours which you are able to seize! How do you seize freedom? By avoiding, evading, escaping, discouraging, overpowering,destroying, or otherwise frustrating anyone who initiates force or the threat of force against you." This site by Jim Morris offers -- among other things -- extensive philosophical grounding for the free life.

The Rhoades Car Tired of car insurance, checkpoints and national ID drivers licenses? Wondering if you'll be able to get fuel in the wake of y2k? You might want to look at these four-wheel, pedal-powered vehicles. And here is some info from the person who first told me about the Rhoades Car.

Frugal Squirrel's Homepage for Patriots, Survivalists, and Gun Owners Lots of preparedness info you can use, including military manuals you can buy. Also a section on links to women's gun-rights and freedom groups.

Emergency Essentials EE (aka offers a large line of preparedness supplies, with decent prices and tolerable service. They also offer some neat, free, planning software for your storage foods.

Alpine Aire Foods Probably the best survival foods on the market. All natural, no sugar, no MSG, no artificial colors. Also packaged in sizes perfect for backpacking.

The Survival Center Food supplies, vitamins, minerals, videos, books, tools -- everything for the person who wants to be prepared.

Backwoods Home Magazine What Mother Earth News used to be. Fine self-sufficiency info from a libertarian/conservative perspective.

Cyberhaven Adam Starchild's resources for privacy, offshore investment, etc.

Escape Artist Offshore Resources Wow! Whatever you want to know about offshore havens -- from banking info to tourism to home prices -- it's here!

Homelands If you want to know about a free nation project or secessionist movement anywhere on the globe, you'll probably find it here.

The Death of Income Taxes Ah, you're playing my song!

The Simple Living Network By reducing your needs you can calm your life down and lower your income in order to be less visible to governments.

Laissez Faire City A cyber community of freedom. J. Orlin Grabbe, the master, is working on a money system for LFC, rumored to far exceed existing systems in privacy and versatility.

Vince Cate's Page Offshore business on the island of Anguilla.

Alternatives to government money R.D. Davies has collected a wide variety of information about existing and proposed money systems, barter organizations, etc.

Alternative Lifestyles Hacking, phone phreaking, sabotage, etc. For educational purposes only, of course.

"Cypherpunks Code!" They don't complain, they don't march, they don't protest. They code the tools we all need to keep our privacy and our freedom.

DigiCash Home of E-Cash electronic money system.

E-Gold Another new money system. This one's especially interesting. It's based on stores of metal & enables you to make transactions in ounces, grams, dollars, deutschmarks & other measures.

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