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The Seventh Seal An incredible research site! Worldwide links on political ideologies, plus a huge collection of links on hot issues -- drugs, feminism, guns, black pride, white pride, animal rights, censorship, separatism, world government, environmentalism, gay rights, militias, troubled nations and more. (Most -- though not all -- topic areas contain both pro and anti views.) Check their downloadable classics of political literature, from Marx and Hitler (Booooo) to Frederick Douglass and Patrick Henry (Yaaaay).

Disinformation Here's a search engine specializing in hard-to-find political and cultural information. Its viewpoint is iconoclastic, off-the-wall, anti-censorship, conspiratorial, civil-libertarian and sometimes surrealistic.

The Fountain of Truth Doug Newman presents this Christian libertarian site which also happens to be a goldmine of links for freedom lovers of any creed. Check out Dr. Tavel's excellent legal self-help site. The site also contains law texts, historic documents and a wealth of self-help tools to use against stupid, unjust laws.

Militia Watchdog This site was created by someone who hates the freedom movement and who lumps libertarians and patriots in with white supremacists. However, aside from the WS category, the compiler of this info really has picked out some of the best sites on the web.

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