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Gorgeous Autographed "Gadsden Girl" Poster
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"No Entry" window clings

$3.00 each
4 for $9.00
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Tell the jackbooterie that you know your rights. Tell casual snoops and unwelcome drop-ins that they need your okay before entering your "castle." These vinyl stickers are 4 x 4 inches square and will cling to your house or vehicle window. They may be used outside or inside. Use 'em near every door. Use 'em on either side of your vehicle. Use at least one on every side of your house. Send an unmistakable message! The clings are easy to apply and if necessary can be removed without scraping or cussing. They were designed and produced for me by Victory Graphics, owned by TCF member lewlew and her husband.


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Buy 4 stickers for $9.00
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Autographed "Gadsden Girl" Poster

Only $10.00
plus shipping!

Great gift item! Affordable yet unique.

The image doesn't do justice to this gorgeous 12 x 18-inch poster, printed in full color on gloss-coated stock. The art is an oversize reproduction of a pastel drawing by Claire Wolfe featuring a beautiful young lady with a Gadsden snake tattoo. The original sold for more than $300 at a fundraising auction in the summer of 2006. Now you can have an personally autographed larger-than-life copy on your own wall for just $10 plus shipping. (Specify in your order if you do NOT want me to sign your posters.) The poster was designed and produced by Victory Graphics, owned by TCF member lewlew and her husband.


How to Kill the Job Culture Before It Kills You

$12.95 plus shipping

This slender (but jam-packed) little book delves into the history of job-holding and outlines the traditional arguments against regimented work. Then it explains why libertarians and conservatives ought to be even more opposed than leftists to mega-corporate businsss-as-usual. But don't worry; it's not all theory. The central chapters give tips on how anyone can eventually break free of the commute-drudge-spend grind. Whether your goal is a home-based business, early retirement, or just a more humane workplace, Job Culture has something for you.


RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone

$13.95 plus shipping

My first novel, co-authored with Aaron Zelman, is directed at teens, but has gotten rave reviews from people of all ages. In a world of total control, some people just can't be caged -- and even an ordinary boy can find a path through peril to freedom. Each book comes with a two-song CD. Read the first four chapters online at


The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook: 179 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

$20.00 plus shipping

Combines many of the scandalous, scurrilous action items from 101 Things to Do "Til the Revolution and Don't Shoot the Bastards (Yet) (both now out of print) -- and then takes off from there. Learn whether your own personal Outlaw style is "Mole," "Agitator," or "Ghost."


I Am Not a Number!

$18.00 plus shipping

You can't be free if you accept the government's authority to brand and track you with its Citizen Inventory Number. Here's one plan for free alternatives to our increasingly controlled society.


Think Free to Live Free

$15.00 plus shipping

For political burnouts and anybody who's reached a dead end in a job, a relationship, or Life. Use Think Free's simple worksheets to analyze, re-direct, and re-invigorate yourself and get new ideas. This book is for anybody anywhere in the political spectrum -- right, left, libertarian, anarcho-capitalist, green -- whatever!


The State vs The People

$17.00 plus shipping

We often use the term "police state" losely when talking about unfreedom. But a police state is a specific type of government with a long history. How closely does the U.S. really resemble a genuine police state? This book co-authored with Aaron Zelman, answers that question. Besides that, this (along with the novel RebelFire, is my personal favorite among all my own books.


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