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Placing a link on this page doesn't mean I agree with 100 percent of a site's content or that I endorse any product or service that may be offered on a site. Caveat emptor and caveat visitor. But I hope you'll find these links both enjoyable and useful.

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Privacy & freedom

Linux Download or CDs -- Quit leaving yourself so vulnerable to viruses and snoops! (I have personal experience with this vendor and have been very satisfied.)

Privacy Links -- From Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

E-gold's Independent Exchange Market Makers -- Vendors of gold; some also offer anonymous Visa and MasterCards

Guns & freedom

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership -- Gun rights as a lifesaving civil right

Keep and Bear Arms -- News, forums, e-mail, and rabble rousing for the dedicated gun owner.

The High Road -- Online forums on a host of topics of interest to gun owners (both political and technical)

Gun Owners of America -- This group is everything the NRA's lobbying arm only pretends to be

Paladin Press -- Publishers of books on many topics, but especially on firearms and self-defense techniques.

Franken Rangers -- A German shooting group that understands that the Bill of Rights belongs to everybody (click to get the English-language page)

Freedom & freedom

Draft Resistance Five minutes, seven points. Every 18-year-old should know.

-- Mary Lou Seymour's Liberty Action of the Week

The Free State Project -- Even anarchists need it

Free-Market.net -- A good starting point for everything about freedom

Escape Artist.com -- Absolutely every resource for anyone who wants to live elsewhere

The Claire Files -- Sister site to Clairewolfe.com & the most complete archive of my online writings

Loompanics Unlimited -- The world's greatest book publisher

The Mental Militia -- "Consciousness works!"

iGreens and iConservatives -- Two UK sites with worldwide and British appeal

Self-sufficiency & personal independence

Simple Care -- Health care that's just between you and your doctor (and cheaper, besides)

Anti-Credit -- Get out of debt bondage and understand why so many of us get in

Backwoods Home magazine -- A how-to for country living

The Gulcher's Guide -- For people interested in building free and independent communities

The Simple Living Network -- From the voluntary simplicty movement, resources for living lightly on the planet


Karen de Coster A bright, classy woman. And a dog person, besides.

No Treason -- John T. Kennedy's journal of liberty (love those pictures)

Billy Beck's blog -- It speaks for itself

Spirituality, Art, Beauty, Etc.

Raven's Bread -- A newsletter for hermits

The Counsel on Spiritual Practices -- Intellectual advocates of entheogenic drugs for deepening spiritual experience

Weird & silly stuff

Zapato Productions Intradimensional -- Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanies, the Sasquatch Militia, and the "Kelvin is Lord" movment

Bible Quizzes at Landover Baptist Church -- See how well you really know the Bible

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