BlogMax: Blogging in Emacs
A great way to maintain a blog





Overview dissects the elements of a BlogMax page.

Installation tells you how to install BlogMax in your Emacs and how to set up your first web site.

weblog.ini is the file that identifies a weblog and specifies many of its parameters.

Weblog Day Files documents how you tell BlogMax that files belong to a particular day's weblog.

Weblog Mode documents the Emacs commands available in weblog mode.

Templates is everything you want to know about how BlogMax wraps templates around your text.

Macros documents the macros, e.g. {calendar}.

RSS tells you how to configure your site's RSS template.

Defining New Macros tells you how to create your own macros. You need to grok Emacs lisp to do this.

BlogMax Code is an HTML-ized version of blogmax.el. The latter tends to be more up-to-date as I often forget to regenerate the former (this will change once I implement dependencies).

A Day in the Life of a BlogMax Web Site shows the sequence of operations that I go through each day to update my weblog.

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