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If the file "weblog.ini" is in a directory on your disk, then that directory is the root directory of a weblog site. After loading blogmax.el, every time you open a text file, your Emacs will look for an ancestor of the file's directory containing a "weblog.ini" file. If it finds one, the file's mode will be changed to weblog-mode. All of the interactive commands in blogmax.el also look for the "weblog.ini" file to set up the environment in which the macros are expanded.

Here's the "weblog.ini" file for this site. It contains an example of each currently supported option and documents them pretty well. Adding new options is easy, if you grok Emacs lisp.

# This file initializes the weblog based in the directory
# containing it.
# Comment lines start with "#" in the first column.
# Other lines are of the form "param=value" where
# "param" is the name of a parameter and "value"
# extends to the end of the line.
# There should be no white space before each param
# name or between it and the equal sign.
# White space after the equal sign is included in the value.
# Comment characters after the value are included in it.
# The name of the site
# Available via the {siteName} macro
site-name=BlogMax: Blogging in Emacs
# The by-line that goes under the site name in the default
# page template. Available via the {byline} macro
byline=A great way to maintain a blog
# The author of the site
# Available via the {author} macro
author=Bill St. Clair
# The author's email
# Available via the {email} macro
# The upload directory.
# Should be /username@host:/path.../ for ftp
# or /[scp/username@host]/path.../ for ssh with Tramp 
#   (
# Can be a regular pathname to a directory if you just want
# to test that the "FTP" upload is working correctly.
# The URL where the ftp directory is available via HTTP
# available via the {url} macro
# Number of days to put on the index.html page
# This page is generated by weblog-make-index and
# weblog-upload-index (C-x C-i)
# The shortcuts file.
# This is a lisp file containing a list of two-element
# lists of the form: ((name1 value1) (name2 value2) ...)
# Each name and value is a string.
# When a weblog page is expanded {@namei} is replaced by
# valuei.
# This value is relative to the the directory containing
# this file.
# "true" to generate and upload month index pages and link
# them into the calendar.
# Text of the link generated by the {pl "name"} macro.
# For example, to use the little page icon instead change the # below
# to <img src="dailyLinkIcon.png">
# Domain names of sites for which to add a {bugmenot "..."} link
# after any link to that site. Separate sites with a space.
# Leave blank (or missing) to disable this feature.
# Requires bugmenot.png in the top-level directory of your weblog
# Uncomment the line below to enable this feature.
# Then add your own additional sites as your reference them.

Installation | Contents | Weblog Day Files

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