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By djf
Posted July 17, 1998
Note from Claire: This is another case where I don't agree with every word. But I agree with the conclusion. This is an example of what forced "giving" has done to the natural generosity of our hearts.

Tonight I had a life changing experience. Let me explain.

I had stopped at a local car wash to scrub off the rig, and was throwing a pile of quarters on top of the machine. Couldn't help but notice an attractive young woman, nicely dressed, walk by the car wash. I said nothing, turned back to my business, and then a bombshell hit me.

Can you spare some change?

Now, I have to admit, I had plenty of change. I also had about thirty dollars in my pocket, enough singles so I could get more quarters for the car wash if I needed to. But I thought about it, and just kinda snapped, turned away, and she walked on.

In my entire adult life, I have always given to people who ask for a little. The only exception would be if it was my last dollar, or last cigarette. But enough is enough. No more. Never again.

This young woman expressed no emotion. It was so matter-of-fact to her that I was completely taken aback. She didn't look like she needed money, but just asked, so if I was sucker enough to give it to her, she would have been more than happy to take it.

She had been taught that there is no shame in begging.

The liberal socialist agenda has failed. For forty years or more, they have ranted, moaned, whined, and raved about every single segment of society they can, in order to drum up support for basically stealing people's tax dollars to further their efforts. And make no mistake, their efforts are only to keep getting themselves elected. They have used and abused the segments they pretended to help.

How else can we feel when our lives have been affected by them? With all the programs, counselors, benefits, etc., etc., etc., are we wrong to expect that maybe things would have gotten better instead of worse? Are we wrong to hope that at least if we don't agree with their methods, that crime would be down, high school graduates would be more literate, that teen age pregnancies would become at least a little less common, that families would be more secure? That there would be fewer beggars?

Are we wrong? Has it worked? ANSWER ME YOU BASTARDS!!

No, what we have is a completely fractured society without any hope of repair. Teen age girls intentionally get pregnant to get away from their parents, and then throw the babies in dumpsters. Young men commit the most horrible crimes imaginable, without any fear of real, true punishment. Drug addicts line up for their free needles. People standing in line at supermarkets watch others buying better meals with food stamps than they can afford with their dollars. And people who have absolutely no talent for leadership get elected by trumpeting yet another save the whales scheme.

Years ago, while I was working in a large metropolitan area, there was a fellow who used to sit outside begging, with his dog. One morning he was getting a coffee at a seven eleven, and bragging about his fine house and eighty thousand a year he got sitting on his butt.

It is all fraud. It is thievery. It is a lie. It is nothing but a bunch of people who get their jollies and fall asleep at night with the warm fuzzies they get from stealing men's hard earned labor to give it to a bunch of misfits who have not an iota of an idea that esteem comes from doing, not from simply being.

Pardon me folks, but moss growing on rocks has no esteem. Even if the results had been positive, I would still have questioned this part of their motives.

The results have been anything but positive.

So, from now on, don't ask me for money, or anything else. Thanks to the socialists,you have developed keen begging skills, so keen I am sure you can con others. And I will contribute in ways that will do some good, by giving to the church, and try to recover my sense of charity, which they have nearly completely destroyed.

You screwed the pooch.

Thanks a lot.

(c) 1998 by djf

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17 July, 1998