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By Anonymous
Posted June 29, 1998
The following very brief message was posted anonymously to the ICE e-mail list in response another message called "We won't be numbered." The flood tide it refers to includes new federal databases, including the FBI's illegal gun-buyer registration scheme.

Practically speaking, what effect is the recent flood tide of registration and regulation of Constitutional rights having on 'average Americans'? I can only speak for myself.

I had a 'Barney Fife' model .38 for 20+ years, complete with 6 moldy bullets (for real). I didn't grow up in the gun culture and have no affinity for it. It just sat in a drawer, unloved.

In the last three months, I have bought the biggest large-magazine (pre-ban) .45 I could find, and yesterday I went to my very first gun show and bought a Bullpup assault style .223, plus cases of ammo. I am getting aim point sights for both, and am starting a regimen of target practice. Have I lost my mind?

No, I am reacting RATIONALLY and CONSTITUTIONALLY to a Republican government which has lost its mind, soul, and sense of purpose; a government whose sole object now is to control and tax me, and the vast majority of my law-abiding fellow Americans. A government whose military and civilian intelligence manuals describe how to destabilize, demoralize, and ultimately eliminate anyone who opposes the government, irrespective of moral righteousness or legal restraint.

There are literally millions of folks coming to the same conclusion as the James Gang has on the possibility of numbering us. It is apparent that, unless the hearts and minds of the oppressors are changed miraculously, conflict is inevitable. The calendar reads 1998, but in spirit it is 1774. We have to decide which side of the issue we stand on NOW, before the final overt actions take place. There will be so much emotionalism, misinformation and accusations, it will be impossible to do so when the time comes. And when it happens, I believe I will be able to honestly tell God in my heart,

"I never wanted it to come to this, but the government drove me to it."

(c)1998 by Anonymous

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29 June, 1998