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If you are not watching that puffy little cloud over the hills, hoping that it will become a rainstorm, or out fixing the windmill, these links may bring you more knowledge. The most comprehensive site for Arivaca Arizona website links. A priority site for Arivaca information.

The photo, borrowed from another Arivaca site, is rumored to be the main entrance to the primary computer room, near city center. There is nothing stuffy or formal about the friendly Arivaca folks. Arivaca community calendar of events and other information. Arivaca Artists Coop, Main Street, Arivaca. Exquisite mesquite furniture made in Arivaca. Arivaca music by Obe. A blog site for comments about Arivaca.







The web servant's pick of websites unrelated to Arivaca...... The undisputable Ultimate GeoCache. Not much unlike Arivaca stories, with a temperature difference.




 Some cooling photos this web servant likes.

The photo is a 150 foot ice tower, March 2005. A lake at Yakima Washington, with floating islands. Foating island information. Warehouse in Yakima Washington.

 Our benevolent National Park Service thugs.
 Intellectual technology to solve problems created by governmental / organizational technology.

Fully Informed Jury Association What you need to know for jury duty. Effective inquiry process for organizations, institutions and individuals. Buchanan name links, for some odd reason.








Apocalypse Design Serious Alaska adventure clothing and equipment.

Well, some Arivaca winters are colder than others.

The photo is the Apocalypse Design research and testing lab entrance in the Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska Range.

The owner is the guy who taught the web slave how to do this website stuff.




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