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09/15/2007 Entry: "Weekend read: The influence of "Atlas Shrugged""

WEEKEND READ: On the enduring influence and best-sellerdom of Atlas Shrugged. "By the New York Times no less," said SJ as he sent the link.

Seems the impetus for this piece is not just the fiftieth anniversary of publication (coming up next month), but the more immanent publication of Alan Greenspan's memoir, The Age of Turbulance. To say that Greenspan was influenced by Rand is like saying Satan was "influenced" by God.* But what the hey, if it evokes an interesting article in the NYT, who's complaining?

* And no, I don't mean to imply any other similarity between Rand and The Almighty, despite Rand's opinions to the contrary. Just pointing out the incongruity. Draw your own conclusions about the works of the Greenspawn, but perhaps they could be better compared to those of the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man than George W. Bush Satan.

Posted by Claire @ 11:39 AM CST

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