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09/11/2007 Entry: "Ron Paul in unexpected places"

MORE EVIDENCE THAT WE ARE EVERYWHERE. Yesterday the guy who bought my dead Toyota showed up at the gate with an extra piece of paperwork. Seems the state didn't believe the low purchase price we stated on the title transfer. Our Bureaucratic Masters demanded that we explain why it was "too low." They compelled us both to swear under The Usual Dire Penalties that the price we stated was genuine.

Poor dears. You know they might starve to death if they don't get their share of sales taxes on a 16-year-old heap of busted steel and aluminum. (I swore; but otherwise, my lips are sealed smile ) Anyway ...

The guy thought it was already September 11 and greeted me by asking, in a tone of utmost cynicism, "Is your flag flying today?"

A few minutes later, when he saw me writing only minimal information on the form, he grinned, said, "Woman after my own heart," and filled his share of the blanks -- or didn't fill them -- similarly.

Then, quite out of the blue, he said, "And vote for Ron Paul!" Turned out he'd known of Paul as long as I have (which is a long, long time) -- and Doug Casey and Howard Ruff and Harry Browne. It's not so much that he's a libertarian, but a dedicated gold-bug and skeptic of all things governmental.

Last thing, I went inside to fetch the Toyota's owner's manual -- and emerged with several of the Ron Paul buttons and bumper stickers I'd picked up from those other surprising Ron Paul supporters at the county fair.

We may be very quiet. But we are everywhere, we cantankerous, contrarian members of the Leave Me Alone Coalition.

Posted by Claire @ 08:58 AM CST

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