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05/22/2007 Archived Entry: "Hardyville's first advertiser!"

HARDYVILLE HAS ITS FIRST ADVERTISER! And it's none other than our good, principled friends from the Jim Zumbo flap, Hi Mountain Seasonings. If you read my latest Hardyville adventure and if you like good jerky, please click on the Hi Mountain banner and try Hans and Kimberly Hummel's excellent products. They really are wonderful, as both blogista Silver and I have attested from personal experience. AND you'll be supporting liberty-loving small-business owners (not to mention my column).

Thank you, Hummels!

Thanks also to Thunder, who blogged yesterday's Hardyville column more enthusiastically than I'd have dared. I was offline all day, finishing up the "Under Siege" series and starting the next ...

Posted by Claire @ 12:27 PM CST

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