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11/30/2006 Archived Entry: "More lies and liars in the Kathryn Johnston case"

THE KATHRYN JOHNSTON CATASTROPHE just looks worse and worse.

And why oh why oh why would any police agency in the country keep an officer on staff (and out of jail) who lied and even fabricated charges against an innocent motorcylist he severely injured in a traffic accident? Think about it. What kind of standards -- of justice, of decency, of safety -- would someone have to have to entrust a man like that with life-and-death authority over citizens? That officer very likely belonged in prison even before the Johnston slaughter. He certainly shouldn't have been handed the authority and the weaponry to go around potting old ladies.

What on earth are city officials thinking when they hire and retain people like this? It makes as much sense as handing car keys and a bottle of Jack Daniels to a teenage delinquent.

Yet the worse cops become, the more we're expected to give them the "Yes, massah, anything you say, massah" treatment. Does this make sense to anybody?

Posted by Claire @ 08:50 AM CST

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