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02/19/2006 Archived Entry: "The Datsun Project: Report #2 (What needs to do done)"


Howdy, Blogispondent Ian here again. Since I will be shortly starting to make changes to my new (old) Datsun, I've documented it's original appearance with a photo (33k). Hopefully, it'll actually look a bit better when I'm done! smile Anyway, in the past week I've had several mechanics look at it and I've worked up a list of work that I need to do on it. I've divided the list into a couple categories based on urgency.

Before I can start driving it:

Check/replace front and rear brake components (the drives feel pretty weak)
Replace tires (the tires on it originally were worn-out trailer-only tires)
Fill radiator with coolant (it was using water only, drained nightly, when I got it)
Replace the air filter (which was missing completely)
Check alternator and battery (the battery light stays on while the truck is running)

Important mechanical fixes:

Remove a leaf from the rear suspension
Replace about a half dozen worn-out bushings in the front suspension
Replace front and rear shocks
Replace fuel and oil filters
Flush and refill oil and differential fluids

Lower priority mechanical fixes:

Replace cracked fan shroud
Replace missing tailgate handle, connecting bars, and inside cover plate
Seal gap at front of bed
Replace missing washer fluid spray nozzle
Replace worn-out wiper blades
Replace cracked light fixtures
Create an emergency kit with common parts and tools

Inside-the-cab fixes:

Fix vent blower motors
Fix dashboard lights
Fix wobbly shifter lever
Replace broken radio
Check air conditioning
Replace 4WD shifter lever boot

Aesthetic fixes:

Sand, prime, and paint the truck with Zolatone bedliner

Possible extra improvements:

Add a CB or shortwave radio
Add a radar/laser detector
Add a winch
Add or upgrade skidplates
Add extra running lights
Add an under-hood welder

My budget for this Datsun will be determined by what I can sell my previous vehicle for. I'm hoping for $2200-$2500, which would let me get at least a couple of the toys from that last part of my list. At any rate, I'll be keeping a running total cost as soon as I start posting about the work.

All of the first section (what needs to be done before I can start driving it) should be completed this coming week. I'll be posting reports on each fix detailing what I did, what my reasons are, and tips for anyone else planning similar work. So stay tuned!

Posted by Ian @ 12:49 PM CST

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