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08/07/2005 Archived Entry: "James Wesley, Rawles Survival Blog"

JAMES WESLEY, RAWLES of TEOTWAWKI fame entered the blogosphere yesterday. His brand-new SurvivalBlog.com already seems packed with tons of useful preparedness info. I'm adding it to the blogroll and to my personal "check often" list. Plenty to think about there, even if you don't agree with everything.

I was kind of surprised at one thing I disagreed with. Today's entries revive the scenario in which TSHTF and hordes of desperate urbanites use their last tanks of gas to rush out into the country. I used to totally buy into that scenario. Remoteness from cities, major travel routes, and prominent tourist destinations are certainly factors to consider in choosing peaceful country property. But I found that as I read Rawles' words today I thought, "Well, maybe." I discovered I was much more inclined, suddenly, to believe that if TSHTF, most urbanites would stay right where they are -- first whining for the government to "do something!" and then killing each other, hijacking delivery trucks, etc. if food shortages developed.

Hard to say. Depends on what kind of S hits the F and in what way. Yes, a bio-plague that struck hard at a major population center might drive people out of the cities. But an infractructure/utility collapse from most other causes? I think people would stay put, trusting that "the authorities" would soon have everything well in hand. By the time they realized "the authorities" were impotent, it would be too late to do anything but vent their desperation locally.

Still ... wouldn't want to have to confront even a smart, ruthless few who did manage to fight their way out of a collapsed city and into the countryside. So yes, still a good idea to stay well away from major population centers and from the rural places that citified tourists would quickly think of if they needed to flee.

(Thanks once again to SJ for the heads-up on useful info.)

Posted by Claire @ 12:11 PM CST

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