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09/02/2004 Archived Entry: "Skype and foiling the fedsnoops"

GREAT ARTICLE BY MY OLD FRIEND L. REICHARD WHITE on using Skype.com peer-to-peer VoIP to foil the fedsnoops' declaration that more centralized VoIP services must be made snoop-ready.

BTW, where did the fedgov get the authority to order private businesses to do whatever it wishes?

Be that as it may, Skype differs from Vonage and other rising VoIP services in being peer-to-peer -- and therefore not subject to the snoop mandate. It has some drawbacks; in most cases, the person you're calling must also have Skype. And I've already discovered Skype won't work with my slightly outdated version of Linux (even though the documentation says it should).

But Rick White does a great job explaining the technicalities without getting oppressively technical.

(Found via Bill St. Clair's most excellent blog End the War on Freedom.)

Posted by Claire @ 12:47 PM CST

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