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08/19/2004 Archived Entry: ""The Barbarian Invasions""

SPEAKING OF MEDICAL HELL, I watched an outstanding film on DVD last night. "The Barbarian Invasions" begins with the "Big Fish" premise: Estranged son travels to the bedside of his dying father; the film then focuses on the stories of our lives, real and wishful. Both were excellent films. I absolutely loved "Big Fish," but "Barbarian Invasions" knocks "Big Fish" on its scaly tail.

At first, I thought it was merely a standard domestic drama (not my favorite genre). I stayed with it only because of its vivid, Dantesque depiction of the Canadian health-care system. My lord, if socialized medicine is really like that (which I'm afraid it is), god spare us all. The movie soon leaves the worst of hospital hell behind, and gets better and better, more unpredictable, more witty, more lusty, more daring, more human, and more moving without ever even dipping near sentimentality.

Posted by Claire @ 07:32 PM CST

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