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12/13/2003 Archived Entry: "The Wal-Mart you don't know"

Katherine Albrecht of CASPIAN sends this grimly fascinating business-mag article about what it's like for suppliers to deal with Wal-Mart.

She hopes it'll break my (and a lot of other people's) "Wal-Mart addiction." I pretty much gave up Wal-Mart over its attempts to impose RFID on the world ... mostly. Well, almost entirely. (Yeah, like an alcoholic who takes "just a little drink now and then.") Sigh. I miss it -- and when you live in the middle of nowhere, you know that the Wal-Mart in the next big town is all there is.

The article shows both good and bad aspects to Wal-Mart's astonishing clout. But even Wal-Mart's "good" side -- forcing its suppliers to be more efficient and competitive -- casts a dark shadow.

Posted by Claire @ 10:12 AM CST

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