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04/22/2003 Archived Entry: "Tales from the encrypt"

PRIVACY NO-BRAINER OF THE DAY: If e-mail encryption is one of those things that you've been intending to get to when you have a little time, how about making time right now?

The International PGP Home Page lists literally dozens of freeware encryption programs -- from versions for folks who are still using Amigas and Ataris, right up to those for the latest Windows OS and Linux. Many of these integrate so well with your e-mail program that they require nothing more of you than a mouse click and a password. You can also set up free trial account with the online eycrypted mail service MailVault.com.

This is old news, I know. But a lot of people still aren't using encyption because of inertia or fear or because "it takes two" -- you and whoever's receiving your message. So get your best friend to do it, too.

Big Brother may be able to examine everything else from your eyeballs to your credit history. But you don't have to hand the product of your mind over to him.

Posted by Claire @ 10:15 AM CST

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