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03/27/2003 Archived Entry: "If the goal were really the liberation of Iraq ..."

IF THE GOAL WERE REALLY THE LIBERATION OF IRAQ, wouldn't 180 grains of lead, delivered by freedom-loving locals, do the job better than $75 billion worth of foreign killing power? Ricin in his Rice Krispies would do. Or a small bomb in his bidet. (Surely even this sly, secretive man has cooks, gardeners, maids, and bodyguards who get close to him.)

Hell, a pop-gun would do the job -- if people would just get the Big Clue that Government Is Not Our Friend. But the countries cursed with the worst leaders show the fewest signs of getting that Clue. They effing love these Great Leaders strutting around with medals on their chests and mile-high portraits of themselves on every building. And until that changes, there's damn little point in killing hundreds of Ours and thousands of Theirs in the cause of "liberation."

Unless, of course, the cause is really something else altogether.

Posted by Claire @ 08:12 AM CST

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