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Saturday, September 4, 2004

# I added support for BugMeNot links. BugMeNot is a database of userid/password pairs for web sites that require them, e.g. The New York Times and The Washington Post. A BugMeNot link to a web site is generated by the "bugmenot" macro. For example, {bugmenot ""} generates: BugMeNot. (Click the red circle-slash to see the userid/password for the Times). You need to put bugmenot.png in your weblog directory if you want your readers to see the circle-slash image. You can choose to create these links yourself, or you can add domains to the bugmenot-auto-list in the weblog.ini file, and then any properly formatted link to any site in the list will be followed by a BugMeNot link. A properly formatted link is of the form <a href="http://domain/...</a>, where there is exactly one space between the "a" and the "href=", and a suffix of the domain is in the bugmenot-auto-list.

# Thanks to m3m, whose full name I don't remember, the time strings in RSS files are now RFC 822 compliant.

# C-M-L now inserts a permalink, {pl ""}, in the buffer and puts the insertion point between the two double quotes. That's how I generated the #-sign links at the beginnings of the paragraphs in this file. The permalinks are now properly rendered in the RSS file. They used to link to the index page. Now they link to the day page.

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