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Improving RSS

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

I've been using amphetaDesk to scan RSS channels. The RSS that BlogMax generates looks funny there. The main link appears twice. I've been thinking about some ideas to improve the RSS and get rid of the need to use <br> tags for paragraph breaks within an entry. I think I know what to do now.

I'll add two new macros, {story link title name} and {/story}. The RSS generation will include only the text between the two new macros (using the old algorithm for backward compatibility on pages that contain no instance of the {story} macro).

{story link title name} will expand into:

<!--story--><a href=link name=name>title</a>
{/story} will expand into:
The weblog-insert-story-tags command, likely bound to <Ctrl><Shift>-S, will insert:
{story ...}{/story}
using the clipboard as the "link", auto-generating the "name" as one more than the largest integer already used in the file, and putting the cursor between the two quotes of a blank "title". RSS generation will then be done on the generated HTML file, finding the <!--story--> and <!--/story--> comments and pulling the link and title out of the generated anchor tag.


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