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    BlogMax is an Emacs package that aids in the creation of a weblog. News below. See the Docs page for details.

BlogMax now works in XEmacs

Friday, August 3, 2001

BlogMax formerly used ange-ftp to upload files to the web site. It appears that ange-ftp will run in XEmacs, but it isn't included by default. Fortunately, efs is included in XEmacs and provides much the same functionality as ange-ftp. I discovered this via (apropos "ftp"), which showed up an instance of "ange-ftp" in the bbdb-ftp command. Perusing the bbdb source revealed that efs can be used in place of ange-ftp and a method to use to decide which one to load. Then I had to do some hacking to prevent auto-fill from indenting every line by two characters. The "define-derived-mode" for "weblog-mode" now makes sgml-indent-step a local variable in the buffer and sets it to nil. This means no normal HTML indenting will happen in a weblog text file. I doubt anyone will notice. I didn't play with it much in XEmacs, but it appears to generate html, create an index, create an RSS file, and upload via FTP, at least to my local Windoze FTP server.

I also added "previous | contents | next" links to the Docs pages.

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