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    BlogMax is an Emacs package that aids in the creation of a weblog. News below. See the Docs page for details.

BlogMax 0.9

Wednesday, June 6, 2001

I tried BlogMax in Emacs 20.4.1 running on Mandrake 6.1 (via VMWare). It appears to work, though I didn't try everything. I'm gonna call it version 0.9 and submit it to freshmeat. Hopefully, some Linux folks will check it out and give me feedback on how well it works for them. Hint. Hint. I added a missing </td> in the calendar, which caused it to misbehave in Netspace 4.61.

My Caldera download never finished, and I couldn't figure out how to aim VMware's virtual CD-ROM drive at an ISO image. I remembered that Brian gave me a Linux disk a long time ago. Fortunately, I stashed it in my laptop case.

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