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Low End Reloading Problems

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = That was a great article..... I have the Lee loader for 9mm.... i think its a good tool for a person w/ a single gun, such as myself. I noticed one problem w/ it. I use JHP on my 9mm and i did some test fires. I shot them into blocks of wood and dug them out. About 75% of the bullets came out looking like a FMJ as opposed to a JHP. Have you ever run into that? Its kind of a pain. I assume its because you have to hammer the bullet into the brass, and w/ that tool, it smashes the edge of the hollow point down into the hollow, causing it to work like a FMJ.

Interesting. What bullet was that? Does it have, possibly, copper jacket at the tip unbacked by lead?

I never dug my bullets out the target to see. I don't recall that the 125 grain JHP bullets I was using were significantly deformed by the process.

The seating process is fairly gentle with a case that's been flared -- just a little rap-tap if you can't seat them by hand pressure. Does the 9mm kit come with a case flaring tool? The consideration there would be if the 9mm Lee Loader will do a taper crimp on the case you flared 2 steps prior (otherwise the cartridge probably won't chamber properly).

A point of comparison would be to find some commercially loaded ammo using the same bullet, shoot that into your wood blocks, retrieve them and compare.

My guess -- you need a different bullet.
- Lee N. Field

Battle Rifles

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = This and Mel Tappan's Survival Guns book have greatly influenced my battle rifle purchase of an HK-91. Thank you!

You're welcome! Maybe we can talk you into buying a battle carbine now. <:grin>
- Carl


Rating = Excellent
General Comments = Struck a chord, as I am a long-haul trucker myself. Wisdom is found in the most surprising places. Wish we had an awful lot more like George.


Rating = Excellent
General Comments = Great story Carl!

Thank you.
- Carl

The Wide World of Ammunition

Rating = Excellent
general comments = Very logical presentation. Easy to read and comprehend. Unfortunately, it was only after reading the entire article that I found nothing was new to me. Suggest a brief description at beginning of each article. That way, one can see the personal relevance and avoid wasting time. Thank You and Good Luck.

I'm at a loss here. You have the title. You have a one-line decription of the article. You have Columba's introductory paragraph which explains that the article is for those who don't really know much about ammunition yet. What else do you expect? How do I tell you everything that's in the article short of writing an executive summary?

Of the tens of thousands of visitors DF! sees every month, only one other person has expressed similar dissatisfaction with this article (or so I interpret the single line, "have a disadvantage title.") That's just two of 25-30 thousand people. Neither of you seem to be subscribers, so you haven't even paid for this article, much less the additional service you're now requesting. Make it worth my while, or settle for the existing title/descriptions, and skimming over the article to catch section headers.
- Carl

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