Battle Carbines I Have Known and Loved

My past article on battle rifles was quite well received here on Doing Freedom!, so when thinking about what you folks are most interested in, I figured that a companion piece on battle carbines might be popular. There is probably more commercial interest in battle carbines than battle rifles in the US, so I think an introductory article on them might be of use to persons entering the market. I have some biases against battle carbines, but I will make them very clear in a moment, and then lock them away and write with an open mind (or as close to it as I can come). So with all that being said, let us continue onward.

What is a ‘battle carbine’?

Why the military uses battle carbines

Some thoughts on cartridges

The reject pile

Ruger Mini-14
M1 Carbine
Bushmaster M-17
Kel-Tec SU-16
Robinson Arms M-96
Daewoo K2 / DR-200

Whew! Lots to choose from there

Final advice that you’ve heard before, but is worth repeating

Shooting challenge of the month:

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