Xaphoon: The Pocket Sax

Xaphoon Pocket Sax

For Christmas of 2013, my son & his fiancé gave me a Xaphoon Pocket Sax. This is the mass-market plastic version of the instrument that Brian Wittman makes in Maui by hand from bamboo. It has a tenor saxaphone reed and holes similar to a recorder, though laid out differently. It can play a full two octaves, with practice. I have so far only played it a little bit, but I like it, and it will join my menagerie of musical instruments.

The Xaphoon Store allows you to mail-order bamboo and plastic Xaphoons, cases, books, and accessories. You can also buy a few of the plastic Xaphoon's at Amazon.

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Xaphoon Reverse Xaphoon Reverse Xaphoon Reed
The finger-hole side The reed and thumb hole side Close-up of the reed and thumb hole

Xaphoon Logo
Xaphoon Logo (full resolution)