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Today's Electronic Civic Lesson

We at SacredBull believe wholeheartedly in good citizenship and participatory democracy. Our motto is: The teachings of civics class are eternal. They are as true today as they were when you learned them at your teacher's knee!

Your leaders are always there to serve you, if you just let them. So if you want to change the world, the very, very best way is to ask politely -- the SacredBull way.

To help you contact those great people who work so hard to assure your freedom, here are the e-mail addresses of many of your most prominent and courageous leaders. In this list you'll find people in government and in the many, many, many fine organizations that work hand-in-hand with government to help make a better life for all Americans-including YOU!

Please write to them. Tell them what a good job they're doing, and ask them nicely for all the new laws you want. After all, that's what America's all about!
Hillary Clinton incharge@whitehouse.gov
Bill Clinton auction@whitehouse.gov
Al Gore treehugger@tobacco_lobby.gov
Tipper Gore uptight@lyrics.org
Newt Gingrich ethics@newtered.gov
Republican National Committee invertebrates@slowdemocrat.org
Democratic National Committee pander@slowsocialist.org
Janet Reno (work) butch@murder.gov
Janet Reno (home) penisenvy@whipme.com
Donna Shalala shillelagh@good_for_you.gov
Bruce Babbitt grabit@land.gov
Dick Gephardt cheerleader@big.gov
Dick Morris dick@large.com
Ted Kennedy (work) leftover@dynasty.gov
Ted Kennedy (home) scuba_driver@bridge.com
Dianne Feinstein gun_toter@gunbanner.gov
Charles Schumer sauron@mordor.gov
John Huang I_spy@dnc.org
Sarah Brady lobbyist@cia.org
ATF obey@orelse.gov
IRS ours@yours.gov
FBI coverup@waco.gov
Lon Horiuchi babylove@eagle_eye.com
National Rifle Association w_lapierre@compromise.org
CBS damn_blather@newsless.com
Morris Dees fundraiser@hatespeech.org
Marion Barry cokehead@bankrupt.gov
Colin Powell player@world.gov

In addition, the following e-mail addresses have recently been changed:
Deng Chou Peng deng@ancestors.com
Ron Brown oops@bosnia.com
Vince Foster vfoster@kevorkian.com
Jack Kevorkian kevorkian@grateful_dead.com
Jerry Garcia jgarcia@grateful_dead.com
Bob Dole sominex@yawn.com
Theodore Kaczinski gorefan@slammer.com
Susan McDougal lipsealed@slammer.com
Jim McDougal chatterbox@slammer.com
Richard Nixon atlast@hell.org

Please also note that the fine people currently at unitednations.org will soon receive an exciting new domain name -- unitednations.GOV! We'll keep you posted when that happens. Or you can just watch for the attractive blue berets to begin appearing in YOUR neighborhood.

Finally, we have been trying to reach the following individual for some time now and have unfortunately had nothing but a series of bounced messages. If any of you civic minded citizens out there can tell us how to reach this fellow, we sure would appreciate it:
Thomas Jefferson revolution@saveus.com

Thank you! We hope you found today's civics lesson very, very useful. And please don't forget to notify us if you locate that Jefferson fellow! We think he could really be of help with our next terrific civics lesson!

© 1997 by Claire Wolfe and Charles Curley.

This piece originally appeared on the SacredBull political satire list.



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