2013 Honda PCX150

On August 3, 2012, I acquired a brand new 2013 Honda PCX150 scooter. I've put 70 miles on her so far (3pm 8/3 to 5am 8/5), and am loving her. Instant start, low purr, drags my 250 pounds up to 55 mph on the local roads, with a little to spare. Exactly how much to spare I won't test until she's broken in. An amazing upgrade from my 1996 CH80 Elite. One word description: smooth.

I have ordered a rear trunk, a windscreen, and a lightweight suit of riding armor. Will add more photos, of bike and suited-up rider, when they come.

I have named her "Nakita".

Click on any photo for a higher-resolution version (900x1200, 350-450K).