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By Gene Crocker, Ph.D.
Posted August 23, 1998

Can you tell me the difference between Arab Fundamentalist car bombs used to attack our embassies and the more than 50 American Cruise missiles used in retaliation?

Of course, the car bombs were accurate and were delivered directly to their targets and they are cheap. Cruise missiles cost a million a pop and hit what they are aimed at about 30 percent of the time. The two car bombs killed 12 innocent Americans and 257 other innocent people.

Despicable! The reports are not in yet on how many terrorists and how many innocent people were killed by the more than 50 American Cruise missiles. Dishonorable and Stupid! Can you tell me the difference between Arab Fundamentalist acts of terror and American acts of terror? Sure, Osama Bin Ladin does it because he hates us. William Jefferson Clinton does it to wag the dog.

Clinton should have publicly made his case when the embassy explosions occurred. He could have ordered Congress into emergency session and asked for war to be declared on Osama Bin Ladin and his allies. Or at least to recognize that a state of war has existed since Bin Ladin declared it unilaterally in 1990. Bin Ladin's $300,000,000 million dollars in assets should be seized or legally attached, all air and sea travel should be prevented to and from the nation that harbors him and his terrorist thugs, as well as trade blockades with economic and legal sanctions applied to any nation that supports him. A multimillion dollar award should have been put on Osama Bin Ladin's head with lesser amounts for his lieutenants and followers.

Then a contract on Bin Ladin should have been given to a competent intelligence agency like the Russian GRU or the Mossad. Note: I haven't had much confidence in the Clinton intelligence establishment since Sandy Berger (Clinton's National Security Advisor) and William Cohen (Secretary of Defense) both stated that leasing Long Beach Naval Base to the Communist Chinese Navy does not pose a potential threat to America's security.

Clinton has done four things by his act of American terror. First, he has entered into a chain of terrorist acts designed to keep us distracted for the next two years. Bin Ladin will do a bombing, and when the TV talk dies down, Clinton will send more Cruise missiles, etc..

Second, Clinton has shamed us all with his sneak Pearl Harbor style attack.

Third, there is a lot of "collateral" damage that results from the inaccuracy of the Cruise missile. Innocent men, women and children will die. The fourth thing is personal. The more I learn about the liar renamed William Jefferson Clinton - the more I feel he is a sociopath. And when I think about this man being the President of the United States....., excuse me, I have to go sign an impeachment petition.

God Bless

No copyright, please distribute. Dr. Crocker is a medically retired physicist who worked for the University of California and later as an international consultant in applied medical radiation. Trained in scientific investigation, he spends his retirement doing internet research and writing.

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23 August, 1998