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They Say, I Say: Terrorism Debate

So the national media and my governors sez to me "Hey Patty. You are not safe. Life is not secure. There are terrorists lose in the land. We're gonna take your freedoms, all of 'em, and we'll make you safe and secure."

So I sez to them: "Precisely how safe are you gonna make me, pal? You had thousands of cops, security guards, tons of FBI, ATF, GBI, an entire stew of security guys, surveillance cameras, all kinds of that security junk at the Olympics and *still* you couldn't stop what happened. People get hurt and killed with your security, you assholes. What security? I ain't buying, no thanks no way."

Sez They: "But planes are falling out of the sky, terrorists are blowing up planes!! We need to really buckle down and get these terrorists, and yeah, we're gonna take away your right to travel, we're gonna stick a chip in your body so we can track your every movement in case you get kidnapped or something, and we're gonna limit everything you can do and say, but you'll have security! You'll be safe!"

Sez Me: "You guys are a pack of liars! You tell me in New York State that I cannot carry a gun to protect myself with if I am attacked. And yet you also tell me that is not the job of the police to protect me, just as you told that woman in New York and you didn't allow her to buy a gun and she was attacked and nearly killed by her exboyfriend. She sued your asses, and then the court had the unmitigated gall to tell her that the police are not obligated to protect citizens and can't be sued for not doing so. YOU ARE LIARS. You are not offering me security you stupid bozos, this is a naked power grab on your part and you know it. You people are really ignorant if you think we're gonna buy this one. I'll tell you what, you lying media whores and you lying politician whores, I am going to protect myself. And I am going to defend my country from the likes of you nazis."

Sez They: "Help, help, this woman is obviously a hate mongering extremist terrorist. Help Help! We'll have to listen in on all your conversations and watch your with our surveillance cameras. We must arrest her immediately and put her away where she cannot harm society. Help Help!"

Sez Me. "I may be a hate mongering extremist, for I hate your lies and your brazen and obvious power grabs. I hate the way you are selling my country and my rights down the river, you traitorous bastards. You are traitors to this country, you are nazis, National Socialists, each and every one of you. You are damn straight I hate your actions. As for mongering, no one is paying me for these opinions. As for extremist, you are right on the money there. I am no conforming, braindead consumer. I am a wide-awake, thinking American and *I* *don't* *like* *you* *guys.* Oh and by the way, I have no intention of harming society, but I do intend to put you traitors out of business, so just get used to the thought."

Sez They: "Help Help! This woman is no doubt a member of one of those terrorist militias. Help Help."

Sez Me: "Well, technically, the law says males between the ages of 17 and 45, so I'm the wrong sex and I'm almost too old, but the hell with that. You're damn tooting I'm a militiamember, you lowlife creeps. It is an AMERICAN thing to be. I intend to defend my Free State from the likes of you betrayers of the people, from the traitors we find in all political offices, from your lying propagandists, the media."

Sez They: "But those militia members in Georgia had bombs! They had discussed blowing up the Olympics! The militias are all terrorists!"

Sez Me: "Lying will get you no where, pal. You lies are becoming very obvious, in case you weren't aware of that fact. Your very own ATF agents fed that Olympics story to the media, who of course, bought that lie hook line and sinker as they always do from their "bosses." And your very own ATF agent admitted under oath that he had planted those bomb parts on the guy's property without his knowledge! Your very own ATF agent admitted to doing all of this, under oath, on the stand in a courtroom. The ATF are terrorists. And besides that they're NAZIS!"

Sez They: "We're going to get you! We have all the power on our side."

Sez Me: "Oh yeah? Go talk to King George the III."

"Political rights do not originate in parliaments, they are rather forced upon them from without ... they do not exist because they have been legally set down on a piece of paper, but only when they have become the ingrown habit of a people and when any attempt to impair them will meet with the violent resistence of the populace."
- Rudolf Rocker

August 2, 1996

Patricia Neill, 1997

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