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"Stroke of the Pen. Law of the land. Kinda Cool."

"Stroke of the Pen. Law of the land. Kinda Cool." --Paul Begala, Top White House Advisor

Can you believe this impertinent twit? Top White House advisor says (out loud, in public) "Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool." I'm insulted that this weak-brained arrogant little fop is even allowed to enter the White House--but then, why should I be surprised? Sluts and whores, drug-dealers and gun-runners of all varieties have been welcomed at this particular White House for their access to Clinton. However, the pomposity and the insolence of the Clintons and their slew of immature half-wit advisors in the face of all other Americans is astounding.

What we know about the Clinton presidency is that he will do pretty much whatever he wants, with no respect for our form of government, our traditions, our morals, our sentiments, our very country. After six years of his misrule, nothing this man does, even in his capacity as president, should surprise us. The fact that he even has an advisor as snippy and presumptuous as Begala is a clear sign of Clinton's own degeneracy.

Clinton wants to be dictator, abrogating the legislative powers of Congress. That we no longer have any separation of powers should be crystal clear to all of us. And without a separation of powers, we essentially have no checks and balances. All we have is a central totalitarian government willing and able to rule by sheer force--with its hordes of federal goons and regulators armed with all manner of automatic weaponry, tanks, and gun helicopters.

The only question remaining is Congress. Will our so-called representatives allow this dictator to rule? It seems a surety they will. And thus, the great idea of America dies. Gone. All that's left is the burial. America is dead. Long live America.

In a recent column, Joseph Farah called this "the hip new face of American fascism." And that's exactly what it is: fascism, pure and simple. "A system of government characterized by strong, often dictatorial control of political and economic affairs, and often by warlike nationalism and brutal suppression of political dissidents and ethnic minorities," is the definition given by the Wordsymth English Dictionary. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Is this the kind of nation we want to have? Where arrogant advisors think it is cool to have a dictator? Hell, we might as well all move to Mexico. There too a president rules with a stroke of the pen. It'd at least be cheaper, and certainly more honest than this pretense of a "democracy." Maybe we could get on their welfare rolls for a change. Or how about Afghanistan? There the ruling theocrats have at least banned TV, and we'd all be well-shut of that brain-deadening addictive substance. Or Russia, where I hear they have a roaring black market and capitalism, which we certainly do not here. Or even China--that's where all the transnational corporations are moving anyway, and we could just cut out the middleman of our sham American dictator and enjoy the tender mercies of a real one.

"Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool." How grotesque that we've come to this point. How grotesque that millions of Americans won't even notice, being that they're too busy running down to Walmart to buy the latest Chinese piece of junk, be it Nike sneaks or Beanie Babies. Americans have become Walmartians, and are going to richly deserve everything they're going to get with Clinton as Dictator.

Patricia Neill 1998

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2 July, 1998