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October 1998

All week I've had to listen to the ever more irritating mass media clones droning on about how Americans want "the country to move on" and how all these polled citizens want the President and Congress "to get back to the business of running the country." The media droids (and they have such a droidic quality that they're beginning to sound all alike to me) have of course used their boring technique of repeating these dimwitted phrases over and over and over and over in the bright hope that we get the message.

As always, I have to wonder who the hell these media people poll. It surely isn't me nor the millions upon millions like me! My bet is that the pollagandizers (a newly minted, wonderful fresh coinage from the pen of Publius Press) ask each other what they think, and use that as their statistically significantly absolutely similar population. Or maybe they ask the animals at the Washington Zoo and take the calls, snarls and roars for the dulcent tones of assent and consent to their pollaganda (lifted from the same place, today's Federalist Digest). But what I do know is that they are not asking anyone who remotely disagrees with their bias, and if they mistakenly call someone like me, I'm probably one of the ones they would simply ignore, as not statistically significant, or at least not significant, to their wizened little minds.

As for me, do I want "the country to move on?" Hell, NO! I want it to come to a screeching halt! I want everything else to stop, cease, desist until the American people and those spurious Spongelords down in Congress have a chance to fully investigate Mr. Clinton and his White House. I don't care if no other "business of the country" gets handled. I don't care if NO federal agencies get funded. In fact, I'd just as soon they weren't. Let's not fund them for a year, and see if we miss any of them. I doubt it. We'd all be a lot happier if they disappeared off the face of the earth. Ain't that the truth.

I don't even care if Congress has to close down. That'd be another blessing in my book. They can all meet outside of Congress and hold their investigation. They don't need to be under oath--they never pay any attention to it anyway. In fact, why doesn't the Republican majority shut down Congress while they go about checking out those lying sacks of gas up on 1600 Pennsylvania. They can rent the Watergate Hotel--it'd be a fitting touch.

I want to know every little detail of what Mr. Clinton did, and when. I want to know how Hillary's billing files for the Rose Law Firm "disappeared" and then "showed up." I want to know about all the millions Bill and Hillary and gang stole from Madison Guaranty. I want all the myriads of scandals of this White House--both Clintons and ALL their cohorts--laid open for the public to see--and I know it will be ugly, real ugly. Actually, my bet is it will be pretty fascinating in a sick kind of way. Like watching a huge spider crawl up the wall if you have arachnaphobia.

One fatheaded demagogue (I think it was Barney Frank) was quoted on NPR this morning as saying (and this is not exact, as I was busy trying to get the escaping smoke back into my ears). In the whining, puling tones, characteristic of this particular specimen of Congress: "We should censure Clinton, but he did nothing impeachable. Do you really want this thing to drag on for a year, while the 'business of the country' is waiting?"

Short answer to that is, there is absolutely no reason under the sun for this to take a year, you dissembling, mammering twit! You could do it in a day, an hour, a nanosecond. You ALREADY know the crimes of Bill Clinton and his wife. You already know he lied, he lied to you, he lied to the grand jury, he lied to the American people. And my question for you is, what the hell is your problem? Do you honestly think Bill Clinton should be allowed to get away with not only his adultery and lying, but with all his other malfeasances, offenses, violations, felonies, torts, misconduct, misdeeds, sins, transgressions, iniquities and outrages--did I miss anything? Oh yes, murders! You have six years worth to sort through. In fact, Bill Clinton is such a crook that he should have been impeached, tried, convicted and jailed before he became president. You have his Washington crimes, but if you go back to his Arkansas years, you'd really have a bonanza!

So, please, stop everything else and deal with this impeachment, immediately. The financial global crisis can go right on crisis-ing, for all I care. You all created that problem in the first place, and you ain't gonna get my money to solve it by bailing out Wall Street again. The heck with that. So put everything else to the side, and yes, bring this country to a screeching halt. And see to Mr. Clinton's crimes. My respect for the government is already a mere wisp at this point, if that. If Congress does not impeach--and do a serious job--then ALL my respect for government and what you folk cynically call "rule of law" will be gone.

That's a promise.

Patricia Neill 1998

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12 October, 1998