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Wolf Tracks

Got an Essay, Satire or Review to Send?

The Lodge is looking for a few good writings:

I admit that, up to now, a good Lodge piece has been "whatever Claire happens to like today." And there will always be an element of that in the selections that make it to the Lodge. No pretense of being unbiased! However, I welcome well-written, lively, provacative writings that broaden this site's view while still fitting its outlaw-freedom theme.

Of course, with the Lodge paying such Big Bucks ($00,000 per article), I can afford to be choosy .

Now, if you've got something you'd like to see on the Lodge, send it to Emily, who sorts out mail for the Web Tender and me. Please note that you'll need to remove the word "SPAMTRAP" from the mail address to make it work. That's in there to keep those verminous spammers from getting a working e-mail address when their robots troll Web sites.

Many thanks,


Wolf Tracks

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29 January, 1998