Grado SR60i Headphones

I got the third component of my new hi-fi computer music system, a pair of Grado SR60i headphones. Ordered them from Listening Station, They shipped my cans the day after I ordered them, and the post office delivered them the next day. $80 for the cans plus $16 for a nice bag to keep them in.

The other two components, which I got over the past week, were M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 powered speakers and a NuForce Icon uDAC USB Digital-to-Analog converter. $350 total, for a stereo system that rivals the one on which I spent $3,000 in the eighties.

I was thinking I'd have to buy a more expensive cans, but somebody on an IRC channel convinced me to try Grado's bottom-of-the-line version. I'm glad he did. I would have had to wait to afford the more expensive ones, and these will do just fine for now. Good bass, nice soundstage, amazing clarity. I'm sure the more expensive ones are even better, but subtly enough that I can wait.

The bottom two photos below are clickable to get a larger version. The full-resolution photos, cropped directly from my camera, are available if you remove the "-600x417" and similar from the file names of the other versions.

Display Box

Display Box Open

Headphones and Bag