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"Mark Ferran is a prominent legal analyst and essayist."

"Mark Ferran has written several good articles on the issue of the defense of land ownership."

"Mark Ferran has done good work on property rights."

"Landowner Mark Ferran wants ATV-riders to stay off his property. This week Mark Ferran laid down the law. Specifically, he taped it up at Town Hall, the local library and the general store."

Albany Times Union, STAKES RAISED IN ATV FIGHT, 05/23/2002

"Sign me up for the Mark Ferran fan club; the man is a hero."

Fred LeBrun, Albany Times Union Political Commentator

Even some NY ATV-riders agree: "He's no dummy and he does have a BIG problem with trespassers. I think our guy may be a fan of his. Ferrans' father, Rocco Ferran, was a very respected local politician in the 70's in that county. Mr. Ferran is not our enemy. He wants his rights protected, same as we want ours."

"Keep up the Fight!"
                            Sheriff Larry Dever Cochise County Arizona.

> Thank you Mark. As a NY homeowner I wouldn't appreciate being unable
> to get an unwanted person off my own property. .. 
> Most of my life I was opposed to guns but right now believe it would
> be in my own interest to buy and learn how to shoot one.
"This has been added to the front page at"
From: Joe Liberty                                    
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 8:47 AM 
Subject: Re: The ATV-Trespass Problem  
"Thanks.  We will put a link to your article in our next issue of Jefferson Review."
Theresa Fritz Camoriano
Editor, Jefferson Review
"Thanks for the INFO. Hope you will visit BREAKING ALL THE RULES often."
> Mark,
>     I am glad that you are correcting all that 14th Amendment crap which
> is the legacy of Bob Wangrud. There are too many gurus promoting BS
> about the 14th.
                           Larry [Becraft]
From: "becraft" <>
To: "Mark Ferran" <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 9:16 AM
Subject: Re: The Original Intent of the 14th Amendment
"Hi Mark, 
I enjoy your writings and was particularly pleased how you are handling Pamela Gaston. It's a
relief to have someone with common sense telling it like it is."

"Mark, you're a dear!  I believe that in you beats the heart of a true obsessive researcher.  :-)  Thanks so much for the help."
Lonie C
"Thanks, Mark, for the enlightened presentation."
From: Jacob Roginsky                                     
Subject: Re: The Form of American Government
"Compliments on your writings. This is superb."
Jacob Roginsky
Subject: Part 2: "Unauthorized Deprivations" of Life, Liberty and Property

"Thank you very much for sending this.  The quality of the discussion of the civil rights statutes, the 5th and 14 th Amendments is excellent."    Jacob Roginsky

"Reading your post, gives me a better feel for your honesty and care for the law...."
"'s nice to know that someone still cares about property rights- the most basic of all rights- without which, we have no others!"
"You are without a doubt awesome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Love Mary                                                                     
Subject: Re: The 14th admendment
"Thanks for taking the time to send me this material.  I was not aware of the depth of Rehnquist's treason and the resultant lashing out by officials against due process and redress for the people.   As my depth of understanding deepens, so does my anger and resentment." 
Always in Liberty
From: Ed L                                                                                              
Subject: Re: Part2: "Unauthorized Deprivations" of Life, Liberty and Property
As previously stated Mark,
    You could never be accused of lacking intelligence, and now add to it cunning.  Hopefully my choice of the word from my limited vocabulary carries with it the meaning intended.  You are also adept at highlighting that which obviously has been hidden from view for far to long Mark.  Our system of justice, if it can be called that, and I for one don't unless the user is affluent or a scholar in its implementation.  Bring back the Ten Commandments in spirit as well as a symbolic has been and we might find the light that once again will lead us through the tunnel of darkness to truth, justice, freedom, and prosperity.
    Sorry to let my comments detract you from your busy work, but that's how I learn.  I've visited your web site and find it to be an accumulation of long hours and lots of dedication to the law.  I hope you don't mind my having given your email address to a distressed lady who posted on People B4 Lawyers yesterday, my ability to provide her any help is of little value now, and the group is worthy I thought of a quick response and quick advisement if time permitted you to do so Mark.  Also it helps to bring folks with like concerns together thus helping to form a stronger voice for change and reconstruction, not of the form of law, but its getting back to substance in an honorable manner.
Very truly friend,
Bob Sindelar
"Thank you Mark. Your insight into these matters has been of great benefit to the general public, and these egroups in particular."
Paul Rusin
Thank you very much for sending this; I will get it posted ASAP and forwarded
to many others!
Sincerely, Julie Kay Smithson
"I would like to introduce your writings to my college students, maybe
translating it into Japanese, and use it on my web-site for lecturing. May & Can I do it ?"
Takane Kawashima

"Dear Mark, Thank you so much for sending me your article. It was so impressive to me I am using it on my show through Crusade Radio"       Barbara Ketay

"Dear Mark, Please send me the correct name of your website. I want to put it on my Thanks, Barbara Ketay"

"Thanks Mark, I always want the Truth. I will advise anyone I sent this to. I hope you are doing Okay. I appreciate your articles very much and have not only archived them but sent them out. God bless, Barbara Ketay"
> Hi M.F.,
> We just wanted to thank you for continuing to send us valuable intelligence. Each item you send is read, catalogued, and investigated in order to be reported as appropriate.
> Thanks again,
> C.B.
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Subject: Re: "The Fourteenth Amendment for Dummies", Not for Morons!!!
> I thought this mesasage might remove some of the useless arguments we see
> on the interenet which only serve to muddy the waters.
Rich Martin          
 Editor, Slick eZine
Subject: Re: Gold Fringed Flags in Courtrooms
"I tried to make this a site were everyone will promote and learn from the people like you!"
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Subject: Re: you are interesting! Join my site?
"Dear Mark Ferran,  This is a request for permission to print a copy the following Web Page article: 'Law, a Revolutionary Idea for Peace'   ..  Thank you for considering my request as timely as possible. Sincerely,    Juanita Martin"
"Thank you, sir, for publishing my explanation of "bar" and for giving an old man some hope that his work is not for naught.   :-)"
... Attorney Frederick Graves
... Jurisdictionary
Hmmm, make me read through all that... good thing I
can speed read. I like your stuff.
"Good work Mark"
Robert L. Clark
"Thanks Mark,
"This is some good shit. Always good to hear from you."
"Always glad to know someone who likes to annoy liberals as much as I do.  :-D I'll definitely pass it on."
"Thank you for contacting PETA."
Subject: PETA LIES
"I am so grateful for your lengthy response and the spirit in which it has been communicated.
May God bless you as you continue the battle for Constitutional government.
I will reread your post and links until I have absorbed the truth you have shared."
Barry Kroeker
"People need to be aware of such things. I'll share your writings with friends and groups."
Chaplain Scott
> Greetings Mark,
> I checked out your home page and I believe that you and I are on the same wavelength.
From: "spiker"
"Mark, I really liked reading your papers/essays"
"Awsome You sound so smart.  I wish i was as smart as you... We need more people like you!"   Love, darene 
"Thanks for sending your baseball bat email. Your points are well taken. Have you considered forwarding it over to those a-holes at ? Maybe it'll work their nerves. I checked out your other files online. You write very well.
Best regards,
Terry Mitchell
"yes, i totally agree with your approach to the truth; and to tell people to quit screwing around and lets get serious for a moment...that is exactly what a lot of people really really want to do...  your sense of what you saw and what you know seems intelligent and sane."
Subject: Re: While Leaving Ground Zero
"Dear mark...It was very interesting...and it is interesting that you have a
BSEE...I have an MSEE from the University of Colorado, Boulder....if you have
an email list please add my name as I will be looking for more of your
excellent info."
> Mark,
> I noticed a link from's site. It says about you at
> : "Mark Ferran has
> done good work on property rights."
> is the first place I go when I want to find something
> about the constitution.
> -Bill St.Clair
"Dear Mark Ferran,
Thank you for your excellent commentary and informing us about this."
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"Hello Mark,   When my services coordinator learned you had become a member she was very excited.  I thought great who is Mark Ferran?  I received this email from you directly.  As a member of MOJ please post to that everyone may appreciate your work."
From: Justice Matters
"Thanks Mark. I had seen your site before and was extremely impressed."
"Again, Mark is exactly right."
Ben Thompson
Chairman- Independent American Party- USA

"BRAVO AGAIN, MARK.   Clear, fascinating information.   And, a great spirit."      Leo
"Thanks for remembering to send this along to's a wealth of info!"
"I have to agree with the the explanation that was set forth in the correspondence [From Mark Ferran] below on the WTC. ... On a different subject, This was also listed on the Mark Farran Web site:  'Fairly construed [the Fourteenth Amendment] may be said to rise to the dignity of a new Magna Charta..'  Justice Swayne ... was correct. The 14th Amendment was a new Magna Carta. The original was granted by a sovereign."
L.B. Bork
Dejure One <
Friday, October 11, 2002 2:51 PM
Re: WPI - Transformations The Deep Mystery of Melted Steel
"Mark, You sure have a way with words! I am amazed at how I am able to see the world in a whole new way that I would have never thought of on my own after reading your posts. :-) "         TLD
"Excellent articles Mark, I try to read them when I have a little free time on my hands. They're the kind of articles you like to read and savor. I honestly think that we have gone past the point of reversing this corrupt system and our only resort left to liberty is revolution. Jefferson so aptly put it," the tree of liberty needs a little watering from time to time."                                         Best regards,
"I will be proud to have you along,, you are very well spoken and well informed and will be a great addition to the effort."
Tom Chandler
> Mr. King,
> I am not a lawyer and I am not intimately familiar with Mark
Ferran's recent involvements [ ] but from what I do
know I would not characterize his actions as 'illegal'.
>The recent Martin Luther King Jr. holiday got me thinking about the way we
approach our cause. We say that we are fighting for our civil rights, that we
are wronged by unjust laws and evil bureaucrats. I'm not an expert on civil
rights/activism, but at some point we will have to stop cowering ....
> While the press might not see a difference between vigilance and vigilantism,
 I believe the exercize of whatever rights we do have is the only
way to perpetuate those rights. Perhaps the only negative part about Mark
Ferran's personal example of the use of a firearm to make an arrest is that
it is not entered in case law, where it might be used to refresh the poor
memories of  prosecutors and judges alike. It becomes easy for judges to
disregard unexercized rights as belonging to a foregone era.
> It harms us if we ostracize anyone for being bolder than we
ourselves would dare.
> Mark did not "take" the law into his own hands- it was already
there, thanks to the laws of this state and the presently-expired rights of the
British which we inherited. [ ]
> Respectfully,
> Marko Bukvic
> Mark-   I really admire you.   I become so enraged by the rabbit  people ...
> Anyhow, the topics you comment on are screaming out for attention, and
> you do provide a beam of light.
> Thanks again,     Leo

"Mr. Ferran is correct (except for ...."
From: Patrick W. Brophy <>
Subject: Re: You Are Slaves. No Hoax.

For a recommendation of my own:
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