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Think.ws Intellectual Technology. Process for solving complex problems.



? ! Means Of Inquiry.org Effective inquiry of concepts and institutions.

Fully Informed Jury Association. What you need and want to know about jury duty.

CourtCorruption.com The process of how power-damaged government minds alter their perceptions, for your amusement.

EdgeOfKnowledge.com. To advance your knowledge to the edge.

SumOfKnowledge.com. To advance your knowledge to the sum of all knowledge.

SumOfIgnorance.com. Obvious.

TVSA.net. What happens when government emmployees are chosen to manage a private club.


ParkServiceCorruption.com US National Park Service corruption, if you can imagine such a thing.



AlaskanAlpineClub.org Alaskan Alpine Club.



AlaskaStories.com Alaska outdoor adventure stories.






BarbecueNight.com Thursday Night Barbecue Night, Fairbanks Alaska.

ProjectNight.com Wednesday Night Project Night, Fairbanks Alaska.

UltimateGeoCache.net The undisputable Ultimate GeoCache.


LL Buchanan Lake A small lake with floating islands, Yakima Washington



FloatingIsland.net. Floating island information.