Building a Free World Order
Sylvain Poirier

Editor's note: English is not M. Poirier's native language (French is), and so I have made some slight grammatical changes to his text to make it clearer. His web site also has some lingual quirks, though it is by no means hard to read.

For those of you who have read the anonymous novel A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, I have been told that his plans are similar to an online economy developed therein. His is a project that could have major benefits for us all, not the least of which being the potential for unregulated and invisible money transfer. If you can help him along, please do.



I'm working on a concept of software to make a free world order. You can see the short term project here:

...and the long term project here:

I'm not a programmer and I have not much time so I need help to make this software (mainly in PHP), and to develop these ideas. If someone is clever in deep, elegant and complex theoretical thought (like in theoretical physics), I can send the principles from which to develop the theory of a highly stable and competitive virtual money system.

I have also the concept of a p2p (open database) network of dating sites with a local groups structure, to overcompete existing (and so artificially expensive!) commercial dating services. In fact a first version (technically trivial) was nearly ready, I just did not find the last energy to open it. It is described in the French description of the project, technically a little more complex:

You will see that all these projects are closely related in their contents; they aim to be in the spirit of free software and content, or not-for-profit associations. If you can make programs, develop the ideas or help in browsing the web for new possibilities, you are welcome.

Sylvain Poirier

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