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William Theron

Howdy! I think you'll enjoy what we've got here this month -- it's a good variety, with something for (I hope) everyone. I won't mention each article individually (you can see how many there are), but I do want to comment on a couple of them. Elias Alias of The Mental Militia has graciously shared a personal history of himself, and I hope that his words can inspire us all to reach out and take more freedom for ourselves. Also, We have made the first three pieces of Tom Spooner's four-part RPG article available to everyone. Also, please take a look at Sylvain Poirier's article -- he is working on a project I would love to see succeed.

The next issue will be coming out in March, and I can already tell that it's going to be a good one. We'll have the final part of Tom Spooner's RPG article, some gun geek humor, and much more.

Another new item coming next month is a new idea for funding DF!. In an effort to raise money to pay writers, I'm going to be raffling off an item or two. I'm thinking of offering ammunition, signed copies of various books, or possibly firearms (still looking into the legal issues there). I expect ticket prices to be in the $2-$10 range, depending on what's being given away. If you have any thoughts on what you'd like to see raffled off, please talk to me. And of course, if you find yourself with more money than you need and feel like contributing some to DF!, talk to me. Let it be known that we will go the extra mile for contributors who are looking for information on specific subjects.

On the political front, I'm sad to see this Bill of Rights Day polluted by the recent anti-freedom Supreme Court decisions -- against the 1st Amendment on campaign finance, and against the 2nd with the refusal to hear Silveira vs Lockyer. Still, we would do well to remember that the Supreme Court is really just a collection of 9 old lawyers sitting in swampy Washington DC and listening to other lawyers argue. Let them rap gavels all they like; they can't destroy freedom so long as it remains in our hearts and minds. Let us also remember that the Bill of Rights is simply a written acknowledgement of universal human rights. No matter how much it is "interpreted" to take those rights away, we have the choice to allow the theft or not.

On the topic of free minds, I'd like to mention a project being run by the great folks at the Liberty Round Table: pro-freedom Google Bombing! Basically, Google Bombing is a method of making associations between web sites and search phrases, so that (for example) somone searching for "organized crime" might be given the IRS' web site. The current targets are the Food Nazis at the deceptively-named Center for Science in the Public Interest. The LRT would welcome anyone with a website to help out in what could prove to be a fun and effective way to stimulate people to think about their assumptions. (If you like the the IRS/"organized crime" connection, go ahead and add it to your site as well. It's going to be the featured target in January. If you have questions or suggestions, email Sunni Maravillosa, at sunni-at-free-hyphen-market-dot-net.)

We are, as always, looking for article submissions from our great bunch of readers. We aren't paying authors for now, but I can assure you that a lot of people will read something you publish here. Basically, we're looking for advise on how to live freer...and that covers more ground than you may think. For example, valuable articles might cover:

  • Reports on testing of specific firearms
  • Book reviews
  • Discussion of homeschooling topics
  • Generic car maintenance
  • Ways around various "required" licenses or permits
  • Tax evasion tips
  • Methods and strategies for investing in precious metals
  • Quality pro-freedom fiction (sci-fi is especially welcome)
  • Any creative self-sufficiency topic

    And much more. Use your imagination! If you want to discuss topics or potential articles, please talk to me (have I posted my email address enough yet? *smile* ).

    Until next time (March), be free and enjoy your freedom!


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