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When responding to a classified ad with an email box number, write to , with the box number in the subject line. I will forward your correspondence to the party who placed the ad, including your e-mail address. Many people prefer to encrypt all their correspondence for privacy; if you can't use PGP for some reason, consider an encrypted mail service such as MailVault.

Announcements & Notices

Attention holders of outstanding DF! PCB bonds; if you have not already spoken with DLT about them, please contact him at: at your earliest convenience.

Services Offered

Liberty Services:

  • Trained Mediator available for non-coercive conflict resolution--fees negotiable, and contingent on satisfaction of disputants.
  • Mail drop services available--fees negotiable, based on level of services required--can hold for pick up, re-package and re-ship, or courier to limited locations.
  • Administrative/clerical services offered via telecommuting, fees negotiable, discount for Libertarians and Anarcho-Capitalists.
  • Will accept payment in FRNs, egold, barter, prepaid ATM and phone cards, and many "Liberty" currencies--will seriously consider any "underground" method of payment.

Caretaker - Position sought as caretaker or maintenanceman. I can perform household maintenance and basic repairs, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, telephone, consumer electronics, drywall, roofing, appliances, et cetera, and have tools. I prefer a rural setting, but will consider anything in the United States. Available year-round. References available. More Information Here. Write to: Box C.

For Sale

Y2K: The Millennium Bug - Autographed copies of this 1999 Prometheus Award finalist for sale for $10 (S&H included). Y2K may have dated the story line, but this suspenseful thriller will always be a great outreach tool that gets people to think about freedom. Order now while supplies last! Write to Box A for ordering information.

Wanted to Buy

Spirulina - Looking for live, pure culture for experiments, tips on growing spirulina. Write to Box S.

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