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The State knows it can't win this case in court, so it continues to delay the proceedings. Now they've pushed the hearing back to next year.

Clearly the State's Attorney's intent is to make it too costly for Nathan to continue fighting against this illegal (assuming the Constitutional guarantee to a speedy trial still existed) harrassment. A few people have contributed to Nathan's defense fund, but he needs more help.

I just read a news report about a woman who cleared a $20,000 credit card debt by begging for money on the Internet. Surely Nathan's fight for free speech in America is more important than that. Please help him.

From Mr. Barton:

My legal mess drags on. Next hearing is now set for late January.

The state's attorney has made my attorney an offer of dropping the more serious charge of "obstruction of a law enforcement officer" for my pleading no-contest to the lesser misdemeanor of "disorderly conduct" and would recommend no fine or jail time, only "community service" and I would then be given credit for time I spent campaigning for governor. I'd appreciate your opinions on this; I am just plain burned out, and the legal costs (by my book, at least) are staggering: $4000 plus and rising. I've gotten about $300 in contributions to a defense fund, but that's it. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd sure appreciate it.



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