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Letters to the Editor and Feedback


Rating = Average
General Comments = Isn't _Anthem_ still copyrighted?

Per The Gutenberg Project:

"Caxton Printers, who used to own the United States copyrights to Anthem by Ayn Rand, as per an agreement with Pamphleteers, was VERY kind and VERY open about explaining the copyright of Anthem, and how it came to be not renewed in the U.S.; and we would like to add, on their behalf, that their copyrights are still in force for Anthem in Canada. Neither we nor they are in a current position to research the possible copyrights for other countries, so that is possibly still up in the air. It behooves me, since they have been so forthcoming about this-- to encourage you to buy the only hardcover edition available. You may contact them via:

The Permanent Tourist Feedback

Rating = Average
General Comments = i am a turkish man.i live in izmir(the city of turkey).now i want to go by the sailing boat in one island of greece,its name is syros.can you help me.an you give me some information or a map.if you can you can write me in my e-mail:eri1518@yahoo.it thank you very much

I haven't been in that part of the world for 10 years. Can anyone help this gentleman?

0902 Editor's Corner Feedback

Rating = Bad
General Comments = Please acquaint yourself with the facts about Saddam Hussein and his regime. You are obviously ignorant of the facts. Therefore, your article is sadly nothing more than the ranting and raving of a child.

My comments were directed towards the US regime rather than Iraq's, and I think I am fairly up-to-date on the situation. Nor at 41 do I really qualify as a child any longer. If you would care to provide specific examples of which parts of my comments you believe to be inaccurate, and why, I'd be happy to publish your analysis in the LtE column.

But, since even Tenet states that it is extremely unlikely that Hussein/Iraq would attack the US, whether conventionally or through terrorism, unless provoked, and that invading Iraq likely will be provocative... Well, I'm not sure what part of this is supposedly wrong. Add in the little fact that Rumsfeld is forming a PPOG, whose mission statement includes intentionally provoking terrorist action against the US, and my position seems very clear.

If, though, your point is that ol' Saddam is a bad guy who needs to go, I won't disagree. But that's a matter for the Iraqis, Kurds, et cetera to handle. And if you want to personally volunteer to join them to overthrow the murderous dictator, you have my blessing. Once upon a time, a decade back, that's what I thought I was a part of. Daddy Bush - George the Second - betrayed us, and I learned a valuable lesson about government.

But if you're indulging in sadistic dreams of megalomania, and believe that it's fine to order someone else into battle... Don't look to me for sympathy.

Blowguns Feedback

Rating = Good
General Comments = Great info. However, I am sure that most people are interested in poisons of immobilization, not fatality. I want him still, but not dead, otherwise I would have used a lead pipe. Please give some good biomed links for over-the-counter analgesics. Perhaps I can cook up a concentrated version and share it with all!

I lack the training and motivation to cook up poisons or anesthetics for blowguns. Nor have any of my writers come forward with the data. I can't publish what I don't have. Feel free to offer me an article if you wish.

Battle Rifles

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = Well written and informative. Would like to read more articles by the author.

I agree, and plan to offer more articles by Columba, as his schedule permits; they're quite popular with our readers.

What other .308 magazines will fit an M 14 ? thank you .

Nope, they will not. AR-10 and M1A/M14 mags are similar, but not interchangeable.
- Columba


Ammo rating = Excellent

Well, 7.62x51 was adopted as a standard NATO caliber late enough that all the major surplus is clean (aka non-corrosive). As far as other types of ammo go, it can vary. All ammo dating from World War II or earlier should be considered corrosive. By the 1970s, non-corrosive ammo was standard everywhere. For ammo dating between those years, you'll have to do some research on your own to determine which type it is - there are too many varieties of ammo for me to go through all of them.
- Columba

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