Letters to the Editor and Feedback

Battle Carbines

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = A great summary of the current crop of carbines. One important omission in the review of interest to DF-type libertarians is the ability to aquire anonymously. Viewed through this lens the AR-15 comes out on top and the AR-180B unfortunatly doesn't. With the AR-15 you have basically 3 options. Private party sale of a completed rifle. Private party purchase of a stripped lower followed by assembly of the rifle to your specs. Completion of an 80% lower receiver from a company like tannery arms. This last option (assuming you are smart when ordering and paying for the parts and receiver) is very very anonymous. For info on ordering anonymously get BTP's bulletproof privacy. Another option with AR-15's that isn't so common yet but will be, is swapping out the upper for a ZM weapon systems-style upper (that is to say a gas-piston upper on an AR lower) say in one of the new cartridges such as the .26 grendel (which is a fancy way of saying 7.62x39 necked ! down to 6.5 mm, which with hollowpointed bullets would be a very flat shooting hard hitting caliber. Props. again to BTP who invisioned a similar round, the .264 Boston.) Of course ammo availibility would be a bitch during the rainy decade. So just load up 10k rounds of the stuff, and keep spare .223 uppers :)

Keep up the good work,
B from Berkeley

Thanks for the comments. When it comes to anonymous acquisition of weapons, I have looked at the basic methods in a previous article here on DF!. I believe that there is still enough easy opportunity to get off-paper guns through private sales and straw purchases that more complicated methods like finishing incomplete receivers (although quite effective) are generally unecessary for the time being. Of course, if you're into guns enough to do such things for fun, go for it! Perhaps if/when off-paper guns become harder to acquire, you could help supply an underground market with unpapered weapons.

Both the ZM Weapons gas piston AR upper receiver kits and the idea of modifying ARs to use more powerful cartridges than .223 are great concepts. Unfortunately, they are still too experimental and limited in production to be of much practical use to consumers. Hopefully we will see these concepts trickle down to gun shop shelves in the not-too-distant future.
- Columba


Rating = Excellent
General Comments = <laugh> You have to have worked in hi-tech to know how true to life this story is.

Check my resume'. <grin>
- Carl

The Bias Against Guns

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = I suspect Dr Lott knew that no matter what title he used, his very name would turn away a certain element of his potential audience. With this title, even if one wishes to denounce the book one must state his thesis. Quite sound thinking in this sound-bite world.

Extended Parenting

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = Just the 'other' view I was needing while I am having an inner conflict between the current society and my family's way of doing things versus it not feeling like a real happy situation.

Permanent Tourist

Rating = Good
General Comments = How do you deal with safety issues? Do you travel alone? And do you know of single women, ie., without a partner on the road? I would like to "drop out", but I am a single woman and it scares me as much as "staying in." Advice from women would be nice as well.

I nearly always travel alone. Security: I'm always armed. I lock the back of my truck when I sleep there at rest stops. I only had one problem, a few years back when my truck was broken into while unattended. I improved the locks and that hasn't happened again. General safety: I have first aid training, and travel with kits. I keep basic survival gear, food, and water in my vehicle. I also keep tools and spare fuel in there.

I don't know of any female PTers going it solo like me. Personally, I think it's no greater risk for a woman than living alone in an apartment complex, plus a PTer is a moving target, and she (as I) can choose to spend time in safe places. But the US media has played up the supposed dangers to women travelers so much that I guess most aren't willing to risk it.
- Tom Spooner

Off the Books Business

Rating = Poor
General Comments = not specific to me need more details and some locations

If you want us to come up with a business plan tailored to you and your location, complete with tiller/blower model numbers and street assignments for your fruit stand (or a selection of veggies appropriate to your climate zone), how about coughing up some cash for the job? TANSTAAFL. Ms. Dalton wrote an article of general interest to the majority of our readers.
- Carl

Air Rifle

Rating = Good
General Comments = What kinda muzzle velocities are we talking? And have you tried using an electrical solenoid valve as the firing mechanism?


Don't have a chronograph, but I guess tops around 200 feet per second. Be surprised if it's faster. Didn't think of a solenoid valve; I was playing with junk I found in my shed. Should work; the faster the valve opens, the better.
- Ed Lewis

Income Alternatives

Rating = Good
General Comments = I enjoyed the personal touch in the articles here. would've liked to have seen a few more examples and suggestions on self-employment/reliance. This is the first site like these i've seen---i'm very impressed.... thank you....

Keep reading. <grin> If you need more ideas along these lines, check Ms. Dalton's Off the Books Businesses and Selling on the Sly.
- Carl

Spiral, Fire, Skin

Rating = Average
General Comments = what do hunters do after they kill the leopards

Make leopard skin dresses.
- Carl

Bargain Pistols

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = I would appreciate any advice on buying a 9mm in the medium-size price range. This would be $200.00 to 350.00 range. I would also like it to be of medium size and weight. My email adress is victvaug@xxxxxxxxxx

- Carl

Battle Rifles

Rating = Average
General Comments = "note: my practical experience with several of these rifles, mostly the AR-10 and HK-91, is limited."

It shows. The HK-91 comments fail to note that this rifle is liable to jam with certain types of 7.62mm ammo. Once I had a case head tear off and that was a mother to clear. The lack of bolt hold-open is a glaring error and has resulted in a number of documented fatalities among troops who shot their rifle empty and failed to notice the situation until it was too late.

As to the AR-10, it is now being used IN COMBAT by select units, and reports coming back are wholly positive. The author also doesn't mention the fact that the first AR-10s, especially the Portuguese versions saw service in Africa under appalling conditions and were greatly prized by Portuguese paratroops. These Portuguese AR-10s ALSO had the same allegedly 'dirty gas system' but no one told the troops, I guess - they went out and used it quite effectively. About the only problem they experienced were stocks breaking from using the rifles to launch rifle grenades.

The chrome-lined bore/chamber of the new Armalite rifle further enhances reliability, while delivering MOA accuracy at 100 meters. In truth, the Armalite is not correctly described as using a 'dirty gas system' unless you plan on shooting 1500 rounds between cleanings, in which case you need to get yourself an AK-47 and leave it set on full-auto.

Since I wrote on battle rifles, I have gotten more time behind both the AR-10 and HK-91. I have become a bit less enamored with the HK, but my views on the AR-10 have been reinforced. I have had both malfunction on me more than I would like, particularly the AR. On the point of the HK's lack of an automatic holdopen, you're right. I could've sworn I had included that point in my article (oops!).
- Columba

Back Issues

Please add me to your new issues mailing list.

Also, are you going to modify the pre-July 2003 issues to the new subscribers-only format?


As I stated on the old subscription page (and note that I am no longer accepting subscriptions), pre-existing archived issues would remain open to all, not just subscribers. That was, however, for the duration of the marketing test. Any future changes in status will be up to Sunni and/or my successor.
- Carl

Making It in Mexico

Rating = Good
General Comments = I have been wrongly accused by the courts of California of many felonies in which I can not afford to escape(17 years worth). What are my chances of avoiding this problem in Mexico? Is there any relationships between Mexican law and American law that I need to know about that will help me survive as I move to Mexico???? Please Help

I really couldn't say; you need a lawyer. The US and Mexico have had an extradition treaty since 1978, and beginning in 1996, Mexico has actively cooperated with extraditions (less so in death penalty cases). And then there's the purely practical issue of whether you can successfully blend in with the population physically, linguistically, and culturally. Read Sunni Maravillosa's Secrets of the Chameleon.
- Carl

Flourless Desserts (and other allergy issues)

Rating = Average
General Comments = Help!!! My 5 year old son has multiple food allergies and he's craving for sweets. He's allergic to corn, soy, peanut, nuts, wheat, oat, potato, egg whites, dairy, and milk. What can I make for him??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. One allergy would be okay but I'm having a tough time with all of these. Thanks!
Peg Willi
Cleveland, Ohio.

Hi Peg,

Wow, that's a lot to deal with. Fortunately, you're in luck; in an article is this month's DF!, I offer a great solution for you. Fruit leathers! They're easy to make yourself, and when you do that, you control all the ingredients plus can make them in whatever flavor combinations you like. You can tailor them to your son's tastes and dietary needs, and help minimize his food sensitivities by keeping out excess sugar, food colorings, and other additives of questionable value. The article can be found right here. I hope this helps.
- Sunni

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